20 tech events for 2019

From Helsinki to Athens, from Warsaw to Dublin, the number and variety of tech summits, conferences and festivals can give you a serious headache. Therefore partners from Enterie PR network present their subjective selection of 20 most interesting events in 2019. No matter if you are a startup looking for founding, a VC searching for investment opportunities, a tech corporation seeking for new partners or just a tech geek – you will surly find an event for yourself.

1. NordicGrowthHackers

January 30, Copenhagen, Denmark – NordicGrowthHackers is a recurring event held every 3 months in Copenhagen, where experienced entrepreneurs share actionable growth hacks based on specific experiences from their own companies. It’s very inspiring and offers great networking opportunities. All talks are recorded on video and published on online.

2. Techstars Startup Weekend

15 – 17 February, Stockholm, Sweden – Techstarts Startup Weekend – more of a hackaton-like event than a regular conference TSW is a place where you can kick off your great idea – present and validate your business model, find partners, discuss your challenges and solve problems with help of experienced digital entrepreneurs.

3. Mobile World Congress

February 25-28, Barcelona, Spain, Mobile World Congress – needs no advertising. The world biggest mobile event where big tech and telecoms show their latest developments. If visiting – make sure you will not miss a 4YFN exhibition – an event presenting technologies which will be making a difference 4 years from now. The event connects startups, investors, corporations who look for innovative solutions, partners, clients or funding.

4. AI Forum

April 12, Milan, Italy, AI Forum – brand new initiative of The Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA), a very promising event focusing purely on artificial intelligence with an ambition to become the largest and most significant in the industry. As AI changes its status from a “promising technology of the future” to “solution which changes businesses” – the event is surely worth visiting and observing.

5. re:publica

May 6, Berlin, Germany, re:publica is a Europe’s biggest conference on topics concerning digitisation and society, while also being one of the world’s most exceptional festivals on digital culture. Since its beginnings in 2007 with 700 bloggers in attendance, it has grown into an international society conference with 9,000 national and international participants coming from all areas of society.

6. InfoShare

May 8-9, Gdansk, Poland – InfoShare – for the last 5 years, the biggest Polish tech conference has grown to become a leading event in the CEE region, opening European tech stage to the east. It gathers geeks, tech gurus, founders and VCs. From global tech companies to startupers that have just launched their product. A good place for networking and exchanging business cards.

7. TNW Conference

May, 9-10, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, TNW Conference – A two-day festival with industry-leading international speakers, panel discussions and workshops. Topics range from AI to blockchain, and everything in between. The event has 300+ Exhibitors & press attendees, and spoken language is English.

8. Business Startup Show

May 15 – 16, London, UK, Business Startup Show – a two-day London conference that bills itself as Europe’s leading event for starting or expanding a business. It runs as part of The Business Show, and says it provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to start and run a successful company.

9. Viva Technology

May 16 – 18, Paris, France – Viva Technology – is definitely a world-class event for tech geeks, startups, entrepreneurs, decision makers, corporate bosses and politicians as well. Discussions cover the latest trends and technologies which can solve world’s issues – in 2019 it will be edutech, medtech, greentech, the European digital agenda, and a regional focus on Africa.

10. Game Tech

May, Stockholm, Sweden –  Game Tech – organized by a Swedish tech media company  Breakit, Game Tech is a top gaming industry event in Europe. It gathers developers, founders, investors and representatives of all sorts of supporting businesses – from technology providers to specialized legal firms. The exact date is not known yet

11. Money 20/20

June 3 – 5, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Money20/20 is Europe’s largest conference for fintech, financial services and payments industry.  An obligatory destination for technology providers, but also for banks and insurance companies that seek to benefit from fintech revolution. Among others, 2019 edition will cover such general topics as banking transformation and the future of commerce, as well as more specific issues of identity and authentication, cyber security and legal compliance.

12. London Tech Week

June 10 – 14, London, UK, London Tech Week – a week-long international tech show. Last edition gathered an audience of over 55 000 participants from over 90 countries, who took part in over 300 events – summits, talks, presentations, workshops, exhibitions and more. For geeks, tech lovers, visionaries and entrepreneurs. It is truly massive.


June 12-13, Barcelona, Spain, BIZ BARCELONA – Of course it covers speeches, discussions and presentations, however – as name suggests – this event is focused on business and its digital transformation. A good place to show your b2b solutions, meet clients and create new business opportunities.


June 12, Berlin, Germany, HEUREKA Conference – is one of the main founders conferences in the German-speaking world. Across past 5 years and the previous editions, the event has attracted more than 3.500 attendees. HEUREKA Conference is organized by the online magazine Gründerszene and connects the stakeholders of the digital economy.

15. Web Marketing Festival

June 20-22, Rimini, Italy, Web Marketing Festival – an international show and conference for digital and social marketers, focused mainly on technology – UX, web design, social advertising, SEO, mobile, brand journalism and more. The program covers presentations, workshops and competitions for martech startups

16. TOA – Tech Open Air

July 2-5, Berlin, Germany, Tech Open Air – one of the very few tech events in summer months. TOA is probably “the coolest” tech conference in Europe, also because of its location. Funkhaus Berlin, built in iconic Bauhaus style, was the house of the former DDR radio station. TOA claims to be a future-proof festival, and it focuses on the latest trends and visions of how technology is transforming our lives, businesses, societies and environment.

17. B2B Rocks

September 12, Paris, France – B2B Rocks – a conference for startups hosted in Paris has a format similar to most of startup gatherings, except it is focusing on companies offering their products and services to business, mostly in SaaS model. Gathers founders, VC representatives, experts, speakers and journalists. As organizers state on its website: no bulshit tolerated. A good place for networking.

18. Bits & Pretzles

September 29, Munich, Germany, Bits & Pretzles – is a 3-day founders festival that connects more than 5.000 startup enthusiasts with speakers and table captains like the founders of Virgin, Airbnb, Evernote or Zendek. Bits & Pretzels creates unique networking around Munich Oktoberfest and encourages meaningful relationships between founders, investors and the media.

19. TechBBQ

September, Copenhagen, Denmark – TechBBQ – is a dynamically growing tech event for nordic startup community has gaining truly international character. A place to meet prominent business angels, recruit top talent (or be recruited), find potential clients. Also a place to present cutting-edge technologies, from AI to foodtech. The exact date is not known yet

20. Amsterdam E-Week

October 9-16, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Amsterdam E-Week – an international event that brings more than 25.000 professionals to Amsterdam for a full week of events related to e-business, digital media, online marketing, e-commerce and technology. The goal of the event is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing & networking. Additionally, Amsterdam E-week is committed to establishing Amsterdam as a European hub for innovative businesses, which gives the event a strong international directation.

Andrzej Jędrzejczak
Andrzej Jędrzejczak

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