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We know that for most startups, geographical expansion is a natural way of growing. If you are looking for PR support that will help you launch your business in new markets, you are in the right place. Enterie is an international network of tech Public Relations agencies specialized in the digital economy, helping fast growing, innovative brands to scale up in Europe, Asia, and the US, and Latin America.

We know that whatever global your product would be, your clients will remain local. When entering a new market, you will need someone who will introduce your startup to the local business partners, influencers, customers, and media. Someone who will help your startup become credible and visible. Someone who will take care of your reputation and right positioning, of building long term relations, and of a decent share of voice. As Enterie, we will help you omit missteps, traps and avoid faux pas.

We are here for you. We consist of independent PR agencies having the expertise and the know-how of each market we work in. We are able to give you the best local knowledge and local touch. We have no corporate overlords, which makes us flexible, agile and cost-effective.

What we do

We offer services in the area of public relations, communications, and marketing in specific markets, as well as on a pan-European and global level, focusing on English-speaking communication.

For startups & scaleups:

  • Support launch in the new markets
  • Build recognition for services or products
  • Build an expert image in media

For funds:

  • Build a strong and recognizable brand that helps funds reach out to interesting companies
  • Establish partnerships in new markets

Our general services include:

  • Media and influencers relations, press releases, media events, by-line articles, arranging interviews
  • Strategy development based on market research, analyses and experience of the best local PR professionals
  • Building community and industry relations, including presence at selected events, trade shows, meet-ups
  • Online and inbound marketing, including display, SEO, SEM, advertorials and social media outreach
  • Localisation and adjustment of content, communication activities and materials, including translation, copywriting and graphic works

Startups we work with get covered in:

Who we have worked for

We have experience in collaborating with startups, as well as VCs/PEs. With additional experience of working for startup contests and accelerators, we know how startup and VC industries work.

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