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Even though the Spanish media market is based on national media outlets, a number of them tend to publish and transmit content that would be adaptable in Spanish speaking countries other than Spain. In this context it is important to remember that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world with native speakers in 20 countries, but it’s not the only language used in Spain. Catalan, Galician, and Basque are present in the Spanish media landscape and are fundamental for different communities across the country. Nevertheless, there is little credibility that Spaniards give to the media – it is commonly thought that the Spanish media are politically biased and are subject to economic and commercial influence.

The Spanish like to take their time – also in business environment. They may get late for a meeting or put a decision off in order to profoundly think it through. Communicating with business partners, Spaniards are open and rather direct, however in case they are wrong, they may not easily admit it.

English is moderately spoken in Spain, so in case one does not speak Spanish (or other languages spoken in different parts of the country), an interpreter may be needed.

Companies we work with get covered in:

How much does PR cost in Spain?

For ‘One Shot’ PR actions that include PR Strategy, an action plan, one press release, a follow up, two corporate interviews in top target media, one final report, and clipping, our base fee is 2,400€+VAT.

For monthly PR strategies that include one press release per month, one article (piece of content for press) a month, one corporate interview a month, one speaking opportunity per quarter, a follow up with media and one-to-one media relations, monthly report, and clipping book, our base fee is 2,100€+VAT per month.

Tech PR Agency in Spain

Bambu PR is a vigorous and disruptive communications agency based in Barcelona, the technology hub of Spain, founded and run by Claudia Giraldo. The agency specializes in digital economy and has worked for numerous tech start-ups, venture capitals, and other innovative companies, launching over 10 new tech businesses during the last 2 years. In the past, the founder worked for big corporations and international brands such as Amazon Web, Tinder or Lenovo.

Bambu PR is a perfect partner for all digital businesses, who want to establish presence on the Spanish market, as well as gain credibility, recognition, and clients.

Canela PR is a values-based, people-first agency dedicated to providing excellent communications campaigns to the brands whose products and services we believe in. They have offices in Barcelona, Lisbon and Madrid where over 40 communications consultants specialising in B2B, Consumer Technology and Lifestyle offer digital and Influencer and media relations campaigns to a broad range of clients including Adyen, SmartWatt, Sony and Wallbox. They are a BCorp certified company.

In Spain we have worked for:

PR services in Spain

  • Media relations are based on mutually beneficial interactions between journalists, editors, and public relations’ specialists. Their purpose is to communicate a client’s relevant and newsworthy message in a suitable media outlet. These may be press, TV, radio, and the Internet.
  • Social Media management is managing a client’s online presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. It involves preparing a consistent strategy to later on create and publish appropriate and eye-catching content on the aforementioned platforms.
  • Content writing is producing marketing content such as blog posts, press releases, webpages or whitepapers to reach the targeted audience. It aims to increase traffic to a client’s website and to fulfil certain marketing objectives.
  • Event planning is creating an opportunity to showcase a client to the general public and expand their network. It includes inviting key media workers and thus aims to increment the client’s visibility in media.
  • Market research is based on a thorough analysis of a brand, its competitors, as well as their media and social media presence. It also researches the target group and audience awareness and attitudes. A well-done expertise can catch the attention of the press and of the client’s targeted audience.
  • Media training aims to guide a client on how to interact with media. It improves their communication skills and provides them with tools to deliver an effective and credible message helping to get more media coverage.
  • Reputation management is shaping positive public perception and opinion about a client. It consists in an active and regular monitoring of client’s mentions, mainly online, and reacting to them.
  • Crisis management starts with creating a plan and strategy in case an unexpected PR crisis arises. Its goal is to minimise the impact of negative publicity and media mentions, as well as to reduce potential damage the crisis may cause to the client.

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