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PR in Slovakia

In Slovakia, economic factors have let a small number of oligarchs seize control over the majority of the country’s media outlets which is being reflected in a gradual loss of media credibility. According to the latest survey by Globsec Policy Institute, 56 percent of Slovaks believe in conspiracy theories, the most in the CEE region. And while the main channel for disinformation remains Facebook, various narratives have gradually spread onto the mainstream media. The native advertising and the use of social media are experiencing a boom in Slovakia.

The presence and relative popularity of the Czech media (mainly television and online outlets) is still an important feature of the Slovakian media landscape.

Slovakia is the strongest in the field of car production and industry. Most of the economy is concentrated in the west of the country, within reach of Bratislava. The capital is also a residence of several headquarters of foreign corporations, international companies, and banks. Slovaks are known for their cordiality and so important business negotiations are held in a formal but friendly atmosphere. Good relationships are important for us not only in private but also in working life.

Regarding the language, Slovak journalists prefer communication in Slovak, however, the post-communist generation does not have problems with English.

Companies we work with get covered in:

How much does PR cost in Slovakia?

Most PR agencies in Slovakia work on an hourly rate basis which is 75€ on average or on a monthly fee which depends on the scope of work. Hourly rate depends on the type of services and level of experience of a PR consultant or account manager. For instance, for crisis communication with a senior consultant or managing director, the hourly rate might triple from the average one.

For project-based cooperation, e.g. press releases, the price in Slovakia is around 500-750€ – similar to the price of placing a PR article in the media.

On the other hand, when we speak about continuous communication, building media relations, and proposing strategies, the price will depend on services and types of media included. Generally, the range would be 1500-5000€ per month.

Regarding payment procedures in Slovakia, long-term contracts fall under the normal trend of monthly fee payments stated in the contract. Short-time projects (less than 3 months) are usually paid after the project is finished. In some cases, external costs may be requested to be paid before the cooperation or for the realization of the project.

Tech PR Agency in Slovakia

PR Clinic is a leader in the field of strategic PR, crisis communication, and reputation management. The agency is one of the TOP three PR agencies in Slovakia with a turnover of more than 2M euro. It provides a full scope of services in the sectors of public relations, media consultancy, and communication solutions, specializing in corporate communications, real estate, economics, and financial services, as well as transport and automobile. PR Clinic has also bright experience with clients from the FMCG segment.

PR Clinic’s team consists of experienced economic journalists, spokespersons, and highly educated communication experts. Each year, the agency receives several awards in domestic and global PR agencies competitions.

Among the companies PR Clinic works for, there is ŠKODA AUTO, Volkswagen, Siemens Healthineers, Klub 500, Duslo Šaľa or Plzeňský Prazdroj.

PR Clinic also worked for mBank, O2, HB Reavis or DPD.

In Slovakia we have worked for:

PR services in Slovakia

  • Reputation management is shaping positive public perception and opinion about a client. It consists of active and regular monitoring of clients’ mentions, mainly online, and reacting to them.
  • Crisis management starts with creating a plan and strategy in case an unexpected PR crisis arises. Its goal is to minimize the impact of negative publicity and media mentions and reduce the potential damage the crisis may cause to the client.
  • Media relations are based on mutually beneficial interactions between journalists, editors, and public relations specialists. Their purpose is to communicate a client’s relevant and newsworthy message in suitable types of media –  press, TV, radio, and online media.
  • B2B and B2C communication – Media is no longer an exclusive place where you sell your products or services. You have to reach your customer or business partner where he appears, with the tools he is prone to respond to at the moment. Communication of the brand and a product or service must go hand in hand to make an appropriate mix consisting of online PR, social media, event management or classical tools. Each situation requires a specific approach.
  • Social Media management is managing a client’s online presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. This service starts with a consistent strategy preparation to, later on, create and publish appropriate and eye-catching content on the aforementioned platforms.
  • Content writing is producing marketing content such as blog posts, press releases, webpages or whitepapers to reach the targeted audience. It aims to increase traffic to a client’s website and to fulfill certain marketing objectives.
  • Event presence is an opportunity to showcase a client to the general public and/or prospects and expand their network. It also includes inviting key media workers and thus aims to increment the client’s visibility in media.
  • Market research is often useful to prepare a brand to enter a given market. In such a case, provide it consists of a thorough analysis of the presence of the brand and its competitors and their presence in the media and social networks. Research – e.g. surveys – can also be commissioned to a research agency to obtain valuable content that can attract the attention of the press and the client’s target audience.
  • Media training is a specialized form of communication that helps media-facing individuals to anticipate reporter behavior, avoid common traps, and confidently focus on their messaging. It improves their communication skills and provides them with tools to deliver an effective and credible message helping to get more media coverage.

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