Terms of EnterieGO Service

1. The www.enterie.com website (“the Website”), its affiliated sites, and the Service provided thereby belong to Profeina Sp. z o. o. with its registered office at Nieporęcka 2/1 03-745 Warsaw, Poland, known as the “Service Operator”. “You” means the Applicant or/and the Service User. Accepting these Terms of Service is necessary to use the EnterieGO Service. Uploading your Press Release and paying the invoice received is tantamount to accepting Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


  • Service Operator – an intermediary between You and the Service Provider or Service Providers, being in charge of operating the Website..
  • Service Provider or local Service Provider – Agency on a particular market that will localize and distribute Service User’s Press Release.
  • You / Applicant – a person interacting with https://enterie.com/press-release-distribution in any way (including, but not limited to, uploading a Press Release, directing enquiries).
  • You / Service User – a person or legal entity ordering EnterieGO Service, after the payment is made and accounted for.
  • Press Release – a piece of text (standard version in EnterieGO counts for 3 000 characters with spaces) announcing something that is newsworthy and written in the most objective way possible.
  • Service or EnterieGO Service – i.e. a single Press Release dispatch in countries chosen by the Service User and localising it by Service Provider or Service Providers; further explained in paragraphs 2-7.
  • Localization of Press Release – to best align with the targeted market (chosen by the Service User) and to meet the various needs of local journalists and influencers, your Press Release is prepared by each Service Provider (local PR Agency) in accordance with different standards and formats in each country. Thus “Localization” includes not only translating, but also customization and further necessary or recommended changes to a Press Release.


How Does EnterieGO Service Work?

2. The process is as follows:

2.1. You select countries that you want your news to be distributed in. An estimated price of the Service will be given at this point.

2.2. You upload your Press Release to the Website, filling all gaps required and accepting Privacy Policy. In case you do not have a Press Release prepared or you are not ready to deliver one, you may provide us with all the important information (e.g. in bullet points) you want to share with the public. We will prepare a Press Release from the data provided.

2.3. Your Press Release should contain up to 3 000 characters with spaces. Additional fees may apply for longer texts.

2.4. You are strongly recommended to also upload a boilerplate (background information about the company, management, ownership), contact details, pictures, and infographics, that might be used in the dispatch.

2.5. By uploading the Press Release and/or information, you certify that you have the full right to represent the company within the scope of media relations activities, including sending a Press Release in their name.

2.6. Enterie and its Service Providers are specialized in sectors of, but not limited to, technology, startup, finance, e-commerce, mobile, sharing economy, mobile solutions, Big Data, events, Venture Capital, education, Martech, IT.

2.7. We reserve the right to refuse to distribute the story if it does not meet the needs of particular markets and specializations of local Service Providers we are collaborating with, without any further explanation. The Applicant shall not issue any claims on that basis.

2.8. Enterie will not proceed with any Press Releases that contain hate speech, bigotry, minority stigmatization, unfair market practices (including discrediting your market competitors) and other unethical practices or content.

2.9. Service Providers specified in paragraph 3.8. can participate in the process of reviewing a Press Release.


Payment and Service Providers

3.1. All prices on the Website are provided in Euro (EUR), net. Different taxes apply, depending on your company’s origin and countries selected in 2.1. (e.g., if you are based in the European Union, there is no VAT charge when choosing EU countries).

3.2. After reviewing and preliminarily accepting your Press Release or news item for further proceedings, Enterie’s representative will contact you via email or phone, presenting Service Providers in particular markets (based on your declaration in 2.1.) that will support you with your Press Release distribution.

3.3. Assuming that you have provided your legal form, tax identification number and the details of your registered office, the final price of our Service (with the appropriate taxes included) will be presented to you.

3.4. Up to this point (2.1.-3.4. or/and Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 on https://enterie.com/press-release-distribution), our Service is fully free of charge. You do not pay for uploading and reviewing your Press Release and you are still free to decide whether to use EnterieGO Service.

3.5. If you agree to the scope of work (understood as agencies presented in 3.2., activities presented in paragraph 4 and Terms of EnterieGO Service) and price, a Pro Forma Invoice will be issued by Service Operator.

3.6. Paying the invoice is required for conducting the subsequent parts of the Service, that involve Enterie and its Service Providers.

3.7. To provide the EnterieGO Service, Service Operator partners with: Factivity (Belgium), United Partners (Bulgaria), PRAM (Czech Republic), Kemp & Kjær ApS (Denmark), Com’I/O (France), Element C GmbH (Germany), Vitis PR (Great Britain), Red Lemon (Hungary), Doppia Elica (Italy), MCS PR (Netherlands), Profeina (Poland), Bambu PR (Spain), Bear Icebox Communications (United States). Those are referred to as Service Providers. In certain, valid cases (e.g. non-competition clauses signed by a local PR Agency), Service Operator may propose an entity from outside the list to execute the Service. We also reserve the right to change our local Service Providers to select them to best meet the needs of the Service User.


Further Process, Localization and Press Release Distribution

4. When the payment is made and accounted for, in full amount in EUR indicated in the Pro Forma Invoice issued by Service Operator, Service Provider or Service Providers will collaborate with you to localize your Press Release to the most appropriate form for each market (country) chosen by you. You will be directly in touch (via email) with all the local Service Providers.

4.1. Your Press Release in English will be copied and sent to Service Provider or Service Providers that will conduct their work on those copies.

4.2. Your Press Release will be stored in a safe, private Cloud, with all changes and suggestions to be easily found and edited both by you and the local Service Provider prior to distribution.

4.3. Your Press Release will be localized (customized and edited) by the local Service Provider or Service Providers.

4.4. You will accept the final version of the Press Release (in English).

4.5. After the final version is accepted, local Service Provider or Service Providers will translate Press Releases to their local languages, applying all localization (customization) changes to best align with the market. The final version of the Press Release may vary, depending on the market.

4.6. You agree on the date of your Press Release distribution with the Service Provider or Service Providers. When choosing many countries (paragraph 2.1.), the date of dispatch may differ depending on the market.

4.7. Your localized Press Release is distributed by Service Provider or Service Providers to chosen journalists and influencers who are likely to be interested in your news. Each Service Provider’s selection is based on their carefully shortlisted media contacts, long-term relationships and insightful know-how of the market and its media industry.


Results, Reporting, and Disclaimers

5. Your satisfaction is our main goal. We work to ensure the best possible results, and we examine and verify our local Service Providers to be efficient and meet all professional standards.

6. Service Provider or Service Providers make your story as interesting and adjusted to the local market as possible – so that a Press Release itself makes local Journalists and Influencers use, publish or edit them. According to all PR Ethics Guidances, Service Provider or Service Providers cannot guarantee a number of publications provided by our efforts, placement or usage of your Press Release. It is in accordance with official standards of leading industry organizations, such as the Public Relations Society of America, Inc. or Global Principles of Ethical Practice in Public Relations and Communication Management (“Expertise without guarantee of results beyond capacity”).

7. The final Report with clippings of publications gained by Service Provider or Service Providers’ effort will be sent to you up to 3 weeks after the Press Releases are distributed on each market. Therefore, if the dates of dispatch differ in different countries, the period mentioned is counted from the date of the last dispatch.

8. Service Operator and Service Providers will not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages (any losses, including financial profits or negative brand awareness) that could occur as a result of the Service. Above all, but not only, Service Operator and Service Providers neither take any responsibility for the context of which your Press Release is published, nor the tone of voice of the independent journalists, editors, influencers and media workers, that can use it in any way they choose to.

9. These Terms of Service determine the entirety of agreement between the Service User and Service Operator with respect to the Service described and replaces all prior agreements, written or oral.

10. Any Terms of Service violation may cause immediate termination of our Service for you.

11. If the Parties (Service Operator, Service User and the Service Provider) cannot come into an agreement on timing or form of a Press Release or on any other crucial matter during the collaboration, withdrawal of Service may be applied in that specific market, without any changes on other markets chosen in 2.1. and provided by other Service Providers.

12. Parties (Service Operator, Service User and Service Provider) agree, that in case of lack of agreement or another issue, they will attempt to settle the situation (regarding possible claims and/or fulfillment).

13. Unless otherwise agreed to, all claims or arbitration proceedings shall be held in English.

14. Service Operator may periodically modify services and following Terms of Service for any reason, without prior notice, and without liability to Applicants.

14. In any circumstances enabling the parties to litigate in court, the parties hereby agree to submit to the territorial jurisdiction over the Service Provider.