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Do you want to learn how professionals build brand awareness and recognition in the media and tech industry? You’ve come to the right place. Our PR media industry cases provide challenging and interesting examples of how professionals achieve success.

From this article you will:

  • Learn the importance of understanding the target market and tailoring PR efforts to the local media’s preferences and interests;
  • Understand the power of grassroots-focused PR;
  • Learn the value of thought leadership content and strategic messaging alignment in positioning a company as an expert commentator in their industry;
  • Get to know our local Enterie teams in Germany, France and The U.S.
How professionals build brand awareness in the media?

Breaking into a New Market: Overcoming the David vs Goliath Battle

If a David versus Goliath battle is already apparent in advance, a company’s entry into a new market proves to be a particularly great challenge. Even if the company is successful and well-known in other countries, the competitor has a significant advantage, as customers, journalists and the public know and trust its activities. 

Therefore, the right PR activities can support the market entry best by focusing on gaining the journalists’ trust in the company and its expert knowledge.

What is Grassroots PR?

Grassroots-focused PR is a strategy that involves building support and interest for a product, service, or brand from the ground up, by targeting local communities, interest groups, and key influencers. This approach emphasizes personal connections, authentic messaging, and community involvement, rather than relying on traditional advertising or paid media. 

Before embarking on a PR campaign, it is essential to know how PR will play a role in achieving business growth goals. It is also important to humanize the brand and find influencers and brand advocates who can help to raise the profile of the brand. 

Here are some best practices for developing a successful grassroots PR campaign:

  • Define your goals;
  • Know your target audience;
  • Develop content;
  • Encourage influencers that resonate with your product to share it in a personalised way;
  • Engage with user-generated content;
  • Cultivate strong relationships with media outlets and journalists;
  • Build a community around your brand by hosting events and participating in relevant industry conversations;
  • Maintain authenticity and transparency in all communication efforts;
  • Continuously evaluate and refine your strategy to stay current and relevant in a rapidly changing media landscape.

How do we do it?

We have gathered several examples of our instances of successful PR campaigns that employed the grassroots approach to achieve media success in entertainment, research, and VOD/SVOD industries.

From zero to data-hero: Digital i’s market entry

Client: Digital i
Enterie Partner in charge of the project: ELEMENT C
Area: Germany

Entering the German market? Check this out!

About Digital i

Digital i is a technology and insight company that specializes in TV and media industry analysis. The company is based in Bristol, UK and helps to uncover coveted SVOD viewing figures and shows the face of audience data through online portals and interactive visualization. 

Despite having a wealth of detailed analyses, promising case studies, and informative testimonials, Digital i was virtually unknown in Germany. This was largely because one of its biggest competitors, GfK, was very active and frequently quoted in editorial publications. Naturally, journalists tended to trust the larger, more established company and recognized it as an authority in the field. As a result, Digital i struggled to gain visibility or awareness in German media circles.

PR for Digital i

Our local Enterie team’s approach included versatile PR methods, as well as classic PR work. Knowing the specifics on the German market, the team chose a case study about the global player Netflix for Digital i’s market entry. 

To appeal to the German journalism community, our local Enterie team tailored their case study by adding relevant German data, which is highly valued by journalists. To maximize exposure, a press release highlighting the analysis was then distributed to a broad network. This helped generate significant awareness and interest in the study.

In addition, our team presented a list of the top five Netflix movies and series, demonstrating Digital i’s ability to analyze usage data in a user-friendly manner. Moreover, ELEMENT C leveraged the brand ambassadors’ extensive expertise in data analytics by including their insights and providing concrete examples of the high data quality in statements made to journalists.


Digital i’s reputation experienced a significant boost in just three months, with its experts being embraced as thought leaders and frequently quoted by journalists. This was made possible by a well-designed and targeted PR plan, which successfully introduced both journalists and readers to the topics of measuring and analyzing SVOD usage data in a concrete and engaging way.

As a result, we achieved six Tier 1 placements in high-reach IT and marketing trade press. Digital i appeared, among others, in BASIC thinking, Caschys Blog and HORIZONT.

Results of Digital i’s targeted PR plan.

Chicago’s flavorful secrets with 77 Flavors

Client: 77 Flavors
Enterie Partner in charge of the project: Bear Icebox
Area: USA

About 77 Flavors

77 Flavors is an exciting and diverse podcast that explores the rich and unique culture of this iconic city, with a focus on food, neighborhoods, and local culture. 

To help them achieve their goals, 77 Flavors approached our Enterie team with a desire to increase their media visibility and gain a stronger foothold in the industry.

PR for 77 Flavors

One of our US partners, Bear Icebox, engaged with 77 Flavors and developed a grassroots-focused PR strategy to generate interest and awareness for the podcast. They worked closely with the show’s hosts to identify the desires of the media in the target market and created compelling hooks that would draw the media’s attention to the story of 77 Flavors.


The 77 Flavors movement has created a groundswell of PR across Chicago media, generating dozens of media placements and helping the show climb to the top of the charts for podcasts about Chicago (100,000+ downloads). With our help, they also appeared in NBC Chicago, Fox Chicago and Chicago Tribune.

The 77 Flavors in NBC Chicago, Fox Chicago and Chicago Tribune.

Climbing the brand awareness ladder with Ooyala

Client: Ooyala
Enterie Partner in charge of the project: OneChocolate
Area: France

About Ooyala

Ooyala is a company that specializes in video content workflow management systems. In 2019, Ooyala sold its OVP business to Brightcove, a US-based company that produces an online video platform.

The goal of the PR campaign was to maximise Ooyala’s brand awareness throughout Europe by creating a central PR team in France to manage campaigns, while also working with local teams in key countries to ensure campaigns are implemented and optimised locally.

The second goal was to establish Ooyala as a leader in the evolving landscape of TV and advertising, where video consumption is shifting toward web-based activity by supporting the brand as it evolves from a pure OVP player to offering OTT, advertising and media logistics solutions.

PR for Ooyala

As part of OneChocolate‘s efforts to help Ooyala build its 

Our local Enterie team supported communication efforts across five EMEA regions and three product sets, each with a unique buyer, ensuring that messaging was aligned and localized for each country. They kept their finger on the pulse of industry trends, quickly hijacking news trends and providing press with unique commentary to position Ooyala as expert thought leaders in the market.

Finally, to help Ooyala’s brand in the ad tech and media logistics space, our team crafted thought leadership content that aligned with the company’s messaging. 


We achieved 250% of its target for the placement of thought leadership articles in 2018. In the EMEA video market,  the company secured 41% of the competitor’s share of voice and 20% of ad tech. 

In addition, the team achieved an average of 100 pieces of coverage per quarter for Ooyala. Notably, Ooyala received excellent coverage in Forbes, with a four-page article that was the best they had ever received. These results are a testament to the effectiveness of OneChocolate’s PR strategies and the strength of Ooyala’s thought leadership content.

Plum Research Case Study

Our U.S. PR team worked with Polish analytics company PlumResearch to craft compelling storylines and hooks from its internal data. Plum provides detailed audience measurement for OTT and linear TV—the company shares streaming data about how well shows are performing across popular platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and HBO. Our team zeroed-in on this and worked closely with the internal marketing team to craft a media strategy which included both predictable rankings and pitches to share exclusive and insightful streaming data to target industry reporters.

With an ongoing weekly “Top 10 Netflix shows” ranking using PlumResearch’s total hours watched metric, our team lands consistent, favorable coverage in outlets that present this type of content, providing PlumResearch earned media that in turn showcases the company’s ability to deliver data to prospects and clients.

Other creative headlines for stories have included: “Less Than 36% of Netflix Viewing in U.S. Comes From Originals,” “ Streaming Isn’t Lifting Oscar Movies’ Sagging Fortunes,” Netflix Gaining Viewer Traction With Older Licensed TV Shows,” “Ginny & Georgia’ and ‘Manifest’ Boast Highest Completion Rates on Netflix in 2023,” and more. Outlets like Variety, What’s On Netflix, The Hollywood Reporter, Media Play News, and others have turned to PlumResearch’s data to provide their audiences with useful articles about streaming data thanks to our collaborative efforts with PlumResearch.

Plum Research in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Media Play News

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With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we’re passionate about helping tech businesses succeed and grow to their full potential. Our engaging press releases, media pitches and analyses provide valuable insights that can take your business to the next level. So why wait? Contact us today and let us help you take your business global.


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