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The Hungarian media landscape has undergone a radical switch after Fidesz, a right-wing national-conservative party, came into power taking control over all the national media entities and extending their influence over the private outlets. It contributed to the worse and worse position of Hungary in the global media freedom ranking and put an end to independent journalism in the country.

One of the key characteristics of the Hungarian business scene is its centralisation in Budapest, the country’s capital. It is open to international businesses and Hungarias are generally happy to work with foreigners despite the government’s nationalist propaganda.

In international business communication English is the universal language, however depending on the situation, help from an interpreter may be necessary.

Companies we work with get covered in:

How much does PR cost in Hungary?

The most effective way to introduce the company onto the Hungarian market is through a retainer pricing model based on the time spent by the PR consultants.

Monthly fees start at 1,750-2,500 EUR in Hungary for a quite limited scope of media relations work, and get up to 4,000-5,000 EUR for more extensive work.

Single news release costs from 900 to 1,200 EUR.

Tech PR Agency in Hungary

Red Lemon has been present in the Hungarian market since 2005. It has extended experience in B2C and B2B communication, social media management, community management, celebrity and influencer management.

Its team consists of 25+ committed professionals with many fields of expertise, who supported 200+ clients from different sectors.

In Hungary we have worked for:

PR services in Hungary

  • Media relations are based on mutually beneficial interactions between journalists, editors, and public relations’ specialists. Their purpose is to communicate a client’s relevant and newsworthy message in a suitable media outlet. These may be press, TV, radio, and the Internet.
  • Social Media management is managing a client’s online presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. It involves preparing a consistent strategy to later on create and publish appropriate and eye-catching content on the aforementioned platforms.
  • Content writing is producing marketing content such as blog posts, press releases, webpages or whitepapers to reach the targeted audience. It aims to increase traffic to a client’s website and to fulfil certain marketing objectives.
  • Event planning is creating an opportunity to showcase a client to the general public and expand their network. It includes inviting key media workers and thus aims to increment the client’s visibility in media.
  • Market research is based on a thorough analysis of a brand, its competitors, as well as their media and social media presence. It also researches the target group and audience awareness and attitudes. A well-done expertise can catch the attention of the press and of the client’s targeted audience.
  • Media training aims to guide a client on how to interact with media. It improves their communication skills and provides them with tools to deliver an effective and credible message helping to get more media coverage.
  • Reputation management is shaping positive public perception and opinion about a client. It consists in an active and regular monitoring of client’s mentions, mainly online, and reacting to them.
  • Crisis management starts with creating a plan and strategy in case an unexpected PR crisis arises. Its goal is to minimise the impact of negative publicity and media mentions, as well as to reduce potential damage the crisis may cause to the client.

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