PR for fintech: best case studies from around the world

Globally, there are almost seven thousand fintech startups being set up each year. What to do to make yours stand out from the rest? We’ve collected fintech case studies from our partner agencies from all around the world to help you plan a strategic campaign.

What is fintech?

Fintech, a combination of the terms ‘financial’ and ‘technology,’ refers to the technologies that seek to change traditional payment methods. Change for those that use cutting-edge solutions – apps, automated advice, or touchless payments for instance. In other words, fintech aims to develop, better, and automate different financial services making them more accessible to a broader group of people.

The fintech applications near and dear to us

At Enterie, we specialize in tech. We follow all the technological novelties and keep up to date with the newest trends in the sector. But in some tech subsectors, we feel more expert than in others. Fintech is one of them.

(We have even created The global fintech map that was very well received in the industry.)

As a network of tech PR agencies, we’ve worked for customers creating different fintech solutions and can share different fintech case studies. The financial technology applications we’ve got more experience in are:

  • payment infrastructure: web payments, mobile payments, and point of sale payments;
  • banking software: self-service banking, branch banking, internet banking, and mobile banking;
  • investment apps;
  • end-to-end payments, data, and financial management platforms;
  • cryptocurrency infrastructure;
  • e-commerce financing platforms.

Why do we engage in fintech projects so willingly?

Because the core of what fintech is used for is important to us. Startups and more developed companies from the sector strive to achieve financial and technological inclusion. They help people manage their finances from anywhere they want. All in a fully digitalised way on their personal computers, smartphones, and other ‘smart’ devices. Also, fintech solutions provide companies, entrepreneurs, and customers with software (very often cloud-based) and algorithms. Those facilitate different financial operations and processes.

Let our portfolio speak for itself (fintech case studies)

We can tell you a lot about our experience in the fintech sector. But what would that be without sharing a few fintech case studies from our partner PR agencies worldwide? Please take a look at these:

Clear communication under various names

Client: PayOne
Enterie Partner in charge of the project: ELEMENT C
Area: Germany

About PayOne

PayOne is a leading payment service provider in Germany and Austria. It enables businesses to accept payments using all common payment methods and contactless transactions via smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

PR for PayOne

Whether named Ingenico, BS Payone or just Payone: various mergers and the resulting name changes through the years had to be communicated effectively, both internally and externally. It was essential to always position Payone as a strong brand in the competitive payment service provider market.

Today, the challenge at hand is reputation management. Due to the many mergers, there is a danger that years of experience in the payment industry will be ignored. At the same time Payone as an “older” financial company can appear antiquated in contrast to young fintechs. 

ELEMENT C’s approach included versatile PR methods, as well as classic PR work. Those include press releases, strong media relations, and background talks with journalists. It all serves to convey key messages and establish Payone in the media as a modern, digitally driven payment service provider. A provider that understands the demands and needs of its customers for all industries and company sizes. 

Especially in the fintech and payment sector, trust is essential. This includes leadership campaigns with brand positioning to not only relate content to the product, but also to communicate values and trends to the relevant set.

Safe money transfers not only for Ukrainians

Enterie Partner in charge of the project: Profeina (PL)Vitis PR (UK)
Area: the UK, Poland


SPOKO is a British-Polish startup fintech company that offers instant international money transfers that can be made from 32 countries (including EU and the UK) to 45 countries. The long-term aim was to operate in 51 countries, whilst enabling money transfers to 86 countries. As traditional banking encounters complicated regulations and high fees for currency conversion, SPOKO offers clear conditions. The lowest exchange rate on the market, fixed commissions, and service in the native language, among others.

The company was started in 2017 to support Ukrainian immigrants in Poland, and was formerly known as PayUkraine. Then the company was enhanced to operate globally and thus was rebranded. Their Ukrainian expertise became even more helpful during the war in 2022. The company was supporting the Polish Red Cross organization and was one of the first-choice service providers for Ukrainian refugees.

PR for

While SPOKO has 900k users nowadays, it was a startup when Profeina started working for them. Back then, the main objective was to gain the customers trust and to build credibility among potential business partners. The agency focused on media relations and has arranged many interviews with top opinion leaders and journalists over the first few months of cooperation. It included publications in media outlets such as ForbesRzeczpospolita (top Polish business daily), My Company PolandParkiet (all in Polish). 

International reach

Another PR tactic was to distinguish SPOKO from other fintech companies and to localize the message. While main operations were taken from the Poland-based Profeina office, the UK team Vitis PR has been engaged on a project basis (including single press releases announcements, so called EnterieGO service). It helped to secure interviews in English (e.g. Financial IT). But also to highlight that SPOKO distinguishes itself from traditional money transfer providers like Western Union and newer entrants into the market such as TransferWise and Azimo.

SPOKO offers an extensive payment infrastructure that allows many different local payment methods. For example, in India, you can pick up money in cash or by transfer to a bank account. In Ukraine, by card. In Nigeria, by topping up your phone. This – as the unique factor – was presented in international media, like The PapersThe FIntech Times, or Finextra. During two years of cooperation the British and Polish agencies working for the startup arranged more than 200 pieces of coverage.

The agency also had a hand in the startup’s success at the conferences and rankings. Those include Forbes’s “30Under30”, prizes at the Impact Fintech and at the Loan Magazine Awards (“Technology of the Year”), and nominations at the ICAN Magazine Awards, among others.

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Introducing brand’s story 

Client: Dwolla
Enterie Partner in charge of the project: Zen Media
Area: USA

About Dwolla

Dwolla has had one mission since it was founded in 2008: to help innovative organizations take the complexity out of moving money and unlocking the true power of financial systems. The company’s flexible payment technology provides a tailored experience, allowing innovators to collect and send payments simply, quickly, and securely. 

PR for Dwolla

Zen Media’s PR team curated a 90-day PR strategy to introduce Dwolla’s brand and story to multiple media outlets. The agency identified key speaking opportunities to present Dwolla’s thought leaders to the press and to showcase their expertise in the fintech industry. They also produced complete media coverage reports to ensure brand recognition was on the rise.

The PR team focused on developing future announcements, proactive podcast pitching, and executive downloads to emphasize thought leadership. By positioning Dwolla as a “payments giant,” the number of mentions in tech media outlets grew, bolstering visibility and brand reach.

The Zen team identified 100+ media outlets to promote Dwolla’s flexible payment platform. It secured 170+ pieces of coverage, and acquired 262 engagements on social media platforms within the 90-day campaign. The agency also submitted Dwolla as a candidate for the 2022 Transaction Security Innovation Award, which they won.

Amplifying the reach of fintech’s report

Client: Adyen
Enterie Partner in charge of the project: Canela PR (ES) and (PT)
Area: Spain and Portugal

About Adyen

Adyen is the financial technology platform of choice for leading companies. By providing end-to-end payments capabilities, data-driven insights, and financial products in a single global solution, Adyen helps businesses achieve their ambitions faster. With offices around the world, Adyen works with the likes of Facebook, Uber, H&M, eBay, and Microsoft.

PR for Adyen

2020 was a challenging year for enterprises. Throughout the year, many retailers had to adapt their business strategies to the new reality, which for many meant accelerating the process of digitalising their business.

Canela presented the annual Adyen Retail Report 2020 to journalists through a virtual event. The agency also invited Tier 1 Media from Portugal and Spain to broaden its impact, aligning with the company’s business strategy for the Iberian market.

Alberto López, Head of Business Development of Adyen for Spain and Portugal, and Laureano Turienzo, President of the Spanish Retail Association, presented the report’s main findings, including an analysis of the situation for the retail sector at Iberian and international levels.

Ten journalists from the vertical and national media in Spain and six in Portugal joined the event, including La Vanguardia, newswires such as EFEBusiness Insider, Actualidade Economía Ibérica, and Ecommerce News.

After the event, Canela distributed a press release containing the report’s most relevant findings. In total, they achieved 21 media impacts reaching an audience of 13 million users.

That’s not all, however. Our partner agencies across the globe have worked for way more renowned fintech brands than those mentioned above – WorldRemitPreplyPayPalWayflyerbanqUPSMEO (check out the case study: “PR for fintech. How to promote a new entity on the market”), and Vivid, among others. Find more fintech case studies from the sector on our partners’ websites.

Let us help you!

As Enterie, we are actively engaged in fintech on a global- and local-scale. We follow the news and keep up to date with the newest trends in the sector. We like to share the knowledge (though fintech case studies, for instance) we’ve got by helping fintech businesses grow globally. If you’d like to be one of them, we encourage you to read our extensive analysis of world’s leading fintech centers and contact us to see what we can do for you.

Joanna Broniewska
Joanna Broniewska

PR specialist, freelance journalist, and cultural anthropologist with considerable intercultural experience in her professional and personal life. She has lived in Spain, Chile, and Greece, and is passionate about Andean culture, 20th-century Latin American history, and Pablo Picasso, to whom she dedicated her master’s thesis.


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