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The media landscape in the Czech Republic is dominated by a few Czech domestic business tycoons who own the newspaper sector. The tendency is being reflected in a gradual loss of press freedom and in the dropping trust in what’s shown in the media. While printed press and TV are least trusted, digital media are in the lead.

The business scene in the Czech Republic is vibrant and fast-growing, and thus attracts many start-ups to one of the two business centres in the country: Prague and Brno. In business communication, Czechs may seem indirect and quiet, which are general traits of their character. They usually tend to be formal and it takes time for them to develop a more personal relationship which is reflected in a clear separation line they draw between their private and work life.

Language-wise, Czechs, especially the post-communist generation, shouldn’t have problems communicating in English, however in case an interpreter is needed, you will be notified in advance.

Companies we work with get covered in:

How much does PR cost in the Czech Republic?

Most PR agencies in the Czech Republic work on an hourly rate basis which is 80€ on average. Nevertheless, it also depends on what services they provide and how experienced the person providing the service is. For instance, for crisis communication with a senior consultant the hourly rate might triple from the average one.

For project-based cooperation, e.g. press release, the price in the Czech Republic is around 800–900€ – similar to the price of placing an article in the media.

On the other hand, when we speak about continuous communication, it depends on services and types of media included. Generally, the price range is 1500–4000€ per month.

Regarding payment procedure in the Czech Republic, we can generally see the trend that short time projects (less than 3 months) are requested to be paid prior cooperation. Long-term contracts fall under the normal trend of monthly fee payments stated in the contract.

Tech PR Agency in the Czech Republic

Founded in 2002, PRAM soon became one of the top PR agencies in the Czech Republic. It attracts clients by its creative approach, bringing new activities to companies and helping them to become leaders in their field. The ability to lead an organization or entire market they capture in one word – leadability. And, delivering leadability to their clients is central to everything they do.

Among PRAM’s clients one can find PayPal, Castrol or Canon.

In the Czech Republic we have worked for:

PR services in the Czech Republic

  • Media relations are based on mutually beneficial interactions between journalists, editors, and public relations specialists. Their purpose is to communicate a client’s relevant and newsworthy message in a suitable media outlet – press, TV, radio, and the Internet.
  • Social Media management is managing a client’s online presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. This service starts with a consistent strategy preparation to, later on, create and publish appropriate and eye-catching content on the aforementioned platforms.
  • Content writing is producing marketing content such as blog posts, press releases, webpages or whitepapers to reach the targeted audience. It aims to increase traffic to a client’s website and to fulfill certain marketing objectives.
  • Event presence is an opportunity to showcase a client to the general public and/or prospects and expand their network. It also includes inviting key media workers and thus aims to increment the client’s visibility in media.
  • Market research is often useful to prepare a brand to enter a given market. In such a case it consists of a thorough analysis of the presence of the brand and its competitors, as well as their presence in the media and social networks. Research – e.g. surveys – can also be commissioned to a research agency to obtain valuable content that can attract the attention of the press and the client’s target audience.
  • Media training aims to guide a client on how to interact with media. It improves their communication skills and provides them with tools to deliver an effective and credible message helping to get more media coverage.
  • Reputation management is shaping positive public perception and opinion about a client. It consists in an active and regular monitoring of client’s mentions, mainly online, and reacting to them.
  • Crisis management starts with creating a plan and strategy in case an unexpected PR crisis arises. Its goal is to minimise the impact of negative publicity and media mentions, as well as to reduce the potential damage the crisis may cause to the client.

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