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You provide us with the company news — we do the rest, sending your Press Release in up to 80 countries!

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What is EnterieGO?

  • Do you want your brand noticed by the right journalists and influencers?
  • The best PR agencies across Europe and the United States are ready to support you!
  • With EnterieGO, your single Press Release dispatch will be more effective and affordable than ever before!

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How EnterieGO works?

Choose countries

that you would like to send your Press Release to.

Upload your Press Release

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Experience tailor-made Press Releases

localized for target markets by the countries’ leading PR agencies.

Enjoy the results!

A final report will be provided after dispatch.

Start for free (it will only take you 5 minutes):

    Step 1

    Choose target markets

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    All prices are quoted net.

    Step 2

    Upload your Press Release or piece of news you want to inform about

    Add boilerplate, pictures and infographics. Upload a Press Release or all the information in English*. It should contain up to 3,000 characters with spaces. It will be translated and edited by local PR professionals in the markets you have chosen in Step 1. You can also upload a boilerplate (background information about the company, management, ownership), contact details, pictures, and infographics:

    * If you have your Press Release in another language only — it might be possible. Find answers to your question in the FAQ below.

    Step 3

    Send us your story

    Fill the gaps below and send the Press Release (news/information) to be reviewed. It will be examined and we will contact you within 2–12 hours. We work at 8 am – 5 pm CET, Monday to Friday.

    When your Press Release is accepted, the next steps are:

    • Step 4: Accepting Terms of Service and Payment
    • Step 5: Localizing (customizing) the Press Release
    • Step 6: Distribution of your Press Release by the local agencies

    We reserve the right to refuse the story if it does not meet the needs of particular markets and specializations of PR agencies we are collaborating with. All prices are given in euro (EUR), net. Different taxes apply, depending on your company origin and countries chosen in Step 1 (If you are based in the European Union, there is no VAT charge when choosing EU countries, e.g.). The final offer and invoice will be presented to you after reviewing the Press Release. You will be free to decide whether to partner or not with EnterieGO at that point.

    Read the full Terms of Service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Localization of your Press Release to best align with the targeted market.
    2. Professional Consultancy — you will be in touch with local PR Agencies in the countries you choose — they know their markets best.
    3. Local know-how — Agencies responsible for the dispatch know well the local market, preferences and methods of the editors.
    4. Translating to local languages. Remember, that e.g. in Belgium the Press Release needs to be sent both in Dutch and French. Our prices contain everything.
    5. Distribution to journalists we know personally (EnterieGO is not a newsletter — it is relationship management).
    6. Transparency and no hidden costs.
    7. Convenience — you provide us with the information (e.g. in the bullet points) you want to share with the public, we do the rest — in up to 20 countries!

    What am I paying for? You can also check the Rate Sheet for regular Public Relations services.

    Why is it better than Newswire and other automatic Press Release distribution services?

    Our good performance is based on very good knowledge of the local markets and person-to-person relationships with journalists, influencers and media workers that we will distribute your Press Release to.

    What is more, your Press Release will be localized. “Ctrl C + Ctrl V” doesn’t work anywhere anymore. You need to adjust (not only translate) your message to a given country. We will take care of that for you with our best local experts.

    What exactly is EnterieGO and how does it work, step by step?

    EnterieGO is a news distribution platform. You provide us with the company news — we do the rest, sending your Press Release up to 20 countries! Your Press Release will be sent by professionals to chosen journalists and influencers whom we know and who are likely to be interested in your news. Our efforts are based on our carefully shortlisted media contacts and long-term relationships.

    The whole process is described step-by-step in our Terms of Service.

    Who is sending the Press Release?

    To provide you with best possible results, we partner with carefully shortlisted, best PR Agencies on their local markets. Those are (alphabetical order by country): Factivity (Belgium), United Partners (Bulgaria), PRAM (Czech Republic), Kemp & Kjar ApS (Denmark), Com’I/O (France), Element C GmbH (Germany), Vitis PR (Great Britain), Red Lemon (Hungary), Doppia Elica (Italy), MCS PR (Netherlands), Profeina (Poland), Bambu PR (Spain), Bear Icebox Communications (United States). They are referred to as Service Providers in our Terms of Service. In certain, valid cases (e.g. non-competition clauses signed by a local PR Agency), we may propose an entity from outside the list to execute EnterieGO Service best meeting your goals.

    How big is the database used for the Press Release dispatch?

    We keep in touch with thousands of journalists, editors, influencers and media workers, both local and international ones. The scope of your dispatch will depend on the news you want to send, your sector and country. We always customize the database bearing in mind your real need and the content.

    I do not have a Press Release — what can I do?

    Don’t worry, we can still help you! Just provide us with all the important information (e.g. in bullet points) you want to share with the public. We will prepare a Press Release from the data provided (in English). Then, it will be localized and translated by our local PR Agencies in the countries you have chosen.

    I do not have a ready-made Press Release in English — how can you help me?

    If you have got a Press Release in a language different than English, we can translate it for you. Some extra fees apply, depending on language. Please do not hesitate to ask us about such an option.

    How long is the process of distributing my Press Release?

    Supposing your Press Release is ready to be sent without major changes (remember, that our local PR agencies, knowing their market best, will help you with that) the whole process may take less than one week. It contains payments, localization, accepting the final version of the Press Release by you, translating, and distribution. We will send you a report (clippings, publications) within next 2–3 weeks.

    Can you refuse sending my Press Release?

    We are here to help you with the Press Release customisation & localization, so that it is appealing in the countries you send it.

    Knowing the local media industry really well, we reserve the right to refuse to distribute the story if it does not meet the needs of particular markets. We might also advise you not to send a proposed Press Release, if our local experts will find it damaging for your brand’s image or it does not have any ‘added value’ for journalists we have relationships with. But don’t worry – we are here to help you with the Press Release localization, so that it is appealing in the countries you send it.

    Additionally, Enterie will not proceed with any Press Releases that contain hate speech, bigotry, minority stigmatization, unfair market practices (including discrediting your market competitors) and other unethical practices or content.

    How long should my Press Release be?

    Up to 3,000 characters with spaces. Different price ranges may apply to longer Press Releases.

    Do you guarantee a specific number of publications, or appearance in specific media?

    Meeting best standards of PR practices, to be found in all PR Ethics Guidances, we cannot guarantee you a number of publications provided by our efforts, placement or usage of your Press Release. It is in accordance with official standards of leading industry organizations, such as the Public Relations Society of America, Inc. or Global Principles of Ethical Practice in Public Relations and Communication Management (“Expertise without guarantee of results beyond capacity”).

    What is your field of specialization?

    We feel really comfortable in covering technology, startup, finance, e-commerce, mobile, sharing economy, mobile solutions, Big Data, events, Venture Capital, education, Martech, IT. Depending on the markets there are other fields of our expertise, too, so do not hesitate to ask us about your sector!

    You din’t find an answer to your question?


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