Startups to watch in 2019

From simple food app to sophisticated corporate software, from machine learning to neuroscience – technology changes our lives. The way we live, the way we work, the way we communicate. It changes our societies, environment and businesses. Here are 17 startups which are worth observing in 2019, selected by partners of Enterie, a European PR network for tech startups. Check out who represents your country.


Mobile Industrial Robots – Transport anything, anywhere

Work automation – one of the latest technological and economical trends – is not around the corner anymore. It is happening. A Danish MIR is not exactly a startup, but a leading provider which grows at least as fast as the demand for industrial robots. It dramatically reduces costs of logistics and  – in consequence – prices of everything that is being produced, stored, transported and sold.

Simple Feast  – “Vegan groceries delivered to private homes”.

Production of meat, despite of ethical issues, has significant impact on climate change and planet resources. Going vegan becomes a way of life of many people conscious of those dangers. The idea behind a Danish app is simple – to enable people to switch to vegan diet by providing delicious green meals to their door.

Too Good Too Go – Great food shall not be waste!

Another Danish food tech driven by a good cause. It helps utilise unsold food from restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores, by selling it for reduced prices. It is a win-win-win opportunity: customers get cheaper food, restaurants get better profits and environmental costs of food wasting can be reduced. The app is already available in eight European countries, and the number is growing.


Saagie – Big data plug&play for corporations

A French company Saagie (pronounced “sadgee”) provides a platform which enables businesses to make the best use of collected data with little effort. It helps to dramatically reduce implementation time for big data projects and AI applications and relieves companies from costly administration processes. Started in France, plans to go global in 2019.


Infarm  – Urban farming revolution

Infarm totally redefines the way food is being produced. It provides know-how, support of passionate team and technology to grow your food in the place of its distribution – such as supermarkets, warehouses or restaurant kitchens. It brings food production to the city, reducing water consumption (95%), fertilizers (75%), energy waste, costs of transportation, CO2 emission, soil exploitation and labour. started in Germany, Urban farming with Infarm goes global – from Tel Aviv to Seoul, from Lisbon to Taipei.

Trinamix  – 3D sensors everywhere

There is a category of technologies, which are hardly visible, but make a real change. 3D sensors from German company trinamiX are one of these. They detect and recognize objects and measure distance using infrared. They have almost unlimited application. In consumer and specialized electronics (to recognize gestures and communicate with devices), manufacturing and robotics (enabling robots to “see”), transportation (autonomous vehicles) and logistics (measuring size and shape of parcels), household appliances (such as vacuum cleaner) or entertainment (video games or augmented reality). Based in Ludwigshafen, trinamiX is a spin-off and wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF SE.


Revotree – Saving water, time and money

Climate change is challenging humanity in many ways, and food production is one of them. An Italian tech startup Revotree helps to optimize water management in agriculture thanks to IoT-based monitoring system, AI software to optimize water supply and automation of watering the field. Simple, effective and efficient.

Smartiesland – Smart monitoring for saving resources

This publicly funded project (by the Italian Ministry of Education) brings a holistic approach to sustainable development and nature preservation of Italian islands and coastal area. Several interesting solutions are being developed for smart management of water, soil, waste, energy and transport. Daiki technology is one of them. It is a “smart” robot who analyzes micronutrients present in the soil, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It enables monitoring the cultivation cycle of a plant, fighting diseases and viruses. The main objective is saving water, energy and fertilizers.

The Netherlands

Hiber  – “…and a wifi for all”

Since 2016, Hiber has been working on modems in low-flying satellites for stable internet connection in remote areas. A Dutch startup has already been awarded with 10 million euros of funding, and mentioned as one of the ‘hottest startups’ by Wired magazine. Does internet connection in any location for few dollars a year sound appealing? We think it does!

Shleep – Helps the world sleep better

Stress, work and a fast pace of living have a growing, negative impact on public health. Almost half the population suffers from various sleep disorders and irregularities. Shleep app was developed by the Dutch neuroscientist Els van der Helm. It is an app that builds a tailor-made programme to improve your sleeping habits. Shleep works with a number of big names in consulting (eg. Deloitte), tech (eg. Spotify), media (eg.GREY advertising) and pharmaceutical companies.


CodersLab  – Coding as a foreign language.

While automation is taking away some jobs, EU job market will lack over 600 000 developers in 2020. This gap will seriously impact growth of European economy and slow digitalization. No wonder that a Polish coding school, CodersLab, is such a success. It already offers online courses, and aims to franchise in other European countries in 2019.

SiDLY – Healthtech for seniors

Aging is becoming another problem of western societies. The demand for nursing care for senior citizens is constantly growing. SiDLY is a Polish startup that provides a system for remote monitoring of health conditions. SiDLY telemedical band, integrated with a web platform and mobile app, checks temperature and heart rate, counts steps, detects location, falls and band’s removal. It has an SOS button and enables two-way voice communication. It gives seniors more sense of security and optimizes medical care and nursing services.


Boxmotion – Storage with delivery

For those who have small apartments or frequently change locations. Demand for self-storage services in Europe is rising with growing prices of houses and people’s expanding mobility. It is estimated that the market is worth around $1 billion. A Spanish app enables you to keep your belongings in a safe storage space, and have it delivered on-demand to your (current) door.

Housfy – Selling/buying properties without an agency fee

Tech-millennial assassins are targeting another industry. This time it is real estate.Spanish Housfy can significantly reduce search and transaction costs, cutting out traditional middlemen, providing the same, but automated services, for a reduced flat fee.


Minut – safe house, safe neighbourhood, safe community.

This easy-to-install and self learning security system offered by Swedish Minut has one game changing feature – it can be combine into a safety network, connecting you with your neighbours, family or friends.  It was awarded Top 10 Digital Consumer Product by Google and McKinsey&Company 2018. More than 10 000 units sold world-wide already, but given that the product is by design “viral” in the neighbourhood, there’s probably more to come. Constantly launching new features.

VOI – Ride the streets, emission free.

No matter how cool they are, electric scooters are controversial – not regulated, causing danger, disrupting traffic. US gigant, Lime, has already faced the wave of criticism. This year will show if a Swedish provider, VOI, will do better. Possibly, as Sweden has a great cycling culture, infrastructure and tradition of coexistence of different means of transportation. VOI seems to have more respect for other street users.


Gnatta – Automation and AI for a better customer care.

Software provided by British Gnatta integrates messages and collects data from all communication channels – phone, SMS, emails and social media platforms, webchat etc. It gives you full,real time control over communication with your customers, plus a bunch of analytical features helping to improve customer experience.

Andrzej Jędrzejczak
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