Enterie to join forces with an Ukrainian leading PR agency

  • Slova Tech PR, a leading Ukrainian tech PR agency has joined the Enterie network.
  • Enterie and its partners are to help expand Ukrainian companies abroad and support international companies to launch in Ukraine.
  • The network is now present in over 80 markets worldwide.

Slova Tech PR, the only agency in Ukraine to focus on the tech industry since 2013, has announced its new partnership with Enterie, a leading global PR network dedicated to tech-focused, innovative brands and companies worldwide.

Choosing the best

Starting a cooperation with Slova is a business decision––we simply embraced the best PR agency rooted in Ukraine that specialises in tech,” says Michal Rakowski, the Chief Network Officer at Enterie.

However, the current geopolitical situation––or war as I should call a spade a spade––has paradoxically speeded the process up. Our PR network is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. The country has already welcomed over 3 million Ukrainian refugees. Our office turned into a new home for some of them, our team has been voluntarily involved in helping the refugees in diverse ways. At the end of the day, we also wanted to contribute in a way that we feel we are best at––establishing meaningful, effective partnerships with the best teams and helping our clients reach local markets through those teams,” adds Rakowski.

The growing importance of the local PR since the Russian aggression against Ukraine has been extremely significant for the global understanding of what’s been happening in Ukraine. PR became a powerful tool used to create a messaging machine that helps to get the right media coverage and influence international policymaking.

But it’s not only about geopolitics––PR aims to help Ukrainian companies keep on operating and possibly moving its operations abroad.

Evolving the tech ecosystem and narrating stories from across Europe

The partnership with Enterie is a great opportunity to show once again to the world the level of Ukrainian specialists and technological companies. We are grateful to our Polish colleagues for the opportunity to work together and talk about Ukraine in different languages and in different parts of the world,” says Veroslava Novosilnaya, CEO and founder of Slova Tech PR.

Our common goal is to continue to build a strong and free PR-community, which has already proved its strength in this information war. And we know that our colleagues at Enterie share our views as well.

The Polish President Andrzej Duda said there would be no more borders between Poland and Ukraine. And we, for our part, declare that now there will definitely be no borders between Ukrainian and Polish PR specialists,” adds Novosilnaya.

Slova’s main mission is to evolve the tech ecosystem and narrate stories on behalf of businesses. In 2018, together with the VC TA Ventures, the agency created Wtech, a community of female leaders that includes over 4,000 participants in 14 cities.

Fleeing the war, the Slova team worked in different parts of Europe and Western Ukraine. One of the team members participated in the first months of the war in active fighting around Kyiv. Now the team is gradually returning to Kyiv to support the economy and bring a sense of life back to the Ukrainian capital.

Before the war we had no plan for what we were going to do. It came as a shock to the whole team in the first days. The most important thing for me was to help the staff. We helped everyone with evacuating to safer locations. However, we were quickly able to get back to work, both with customers and on the information front. Now most of the team is already back in Kyiv,” adds Veroslava Novosilnaya.

What we found interesting and surprising is that despite the breakout of the war, most of the Ukrainian media have worked continuously. Even though it’s not business as usual, it’s worth remembering that it’s possible to run a PR campaign in Ukraine. Most Ukrainian tech companies haven’t suspended their business activities and they seek partners abroad. We decided to meet their needs and establish a partnership with Slova,” comments Rakowski.

Enterie, after more than five years of its presence on the international PR market, already covers more than 80 countries in Europe, the US, the Middle East and Africa. And the network continues to grow.

Michał Rakowski
Michał Rakowski

The Chief Network Officer at Enterie. With 10+ years of experience, he has launched B2B brands for local and international markets - especially in industries such as fintech, startups, technology, marketing and VC. He teaches students about PR and startups at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland.


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