Enterie enters the Baltic States thanks to Blue Oceans PR

  • Blue Oceans PR, a leading Lithuanian tech PR agency has joined the Enterie network.
  • Enterie expands its activities into one of the most tech-focused regions of Europe: The Baltic States.

Vilnius/Warsaw, June 14th – Blue Oceans PR announced joining Enterie, the global network of technology PR partners. 

Raminta Lilaitė-Sbalbi, Co-founder of Blue Oceans PRWe are glad to announce that Blue Oceans PR is going global. This partnership means that more European and global companies will now focus on getting noticed in the Baltic States, and they will be able to do so with our help.

Michał Rakowski, Chief Network Officer at EnterieThe partnership with Blue Oceans PR strengthens our firm position in Europe as we enter the Baltic States, one of very few parts of the continent that we didn’t have covered. We will work closely together to expand the network in the region, as well as to support firms from Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia – known for their thriving startup and tech ecosystems – to expand in Europe and the US.

Blue Oceans PR creates an uncontested market space through the originality of their strategy, focusing on tech clients and their specific needs. Their goal is to create buzz and publicity around their clients’ brand, raising awareness and doing so through expert understanding of complex technical angles, trends in tech and fintech, and needed solutions.  

What distinguishes the agency is their personalized approach to clients, expertise in certain fields, such as tech, fintech, AI, gaming as well as travel & tourism, and thorough understanding of the strengths of the brands they work with. This unique approach has secured the agency a wide range of brands and clients: from tech start-ups, ICOs and corporations to luxury hotels and social projects.

Blue Oceans PR team

Bringing international PR opportunities into the Baltic States

Enterie is well-known in the tech sector for its Global PR Network that now covers over 80 markets in Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Africa. The quality of its partner agencies ensures that the network can offer a localized approach based on the local expertise that helps companies get ahead and zero in on the targeted audience in new markets. With Blue Oceans PR, Enterie is now offering its unique positioning in the Baltic States region.

Other recently announced partnerships Enterie entered into include UkraineDubai (and the GCC region), and the US (the second agency the network works with in the market).

Founder of Enterie – Magdalena Górak – and CNO – Michal Rakowski
Joanna Broniewska
Joanna Broniewska

PR specialist, freelance journalist, and cultural anthropologist with considerable intercultural experience in her professional and personal life. She has lived in Spain, Chile, and Greece, and is passionate about Andean culture, 20th-century Latin American history, and Pablo Picasso, to whom she dedicated her master’s thesis.


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