Codecool & SDA merger: 8 countries, 130+ publications

Despite the extremely short timeframe and complexity of the project, Enterie team has done an excellent job preparing a cross-European communications plan and executing it. They coordinated our merger communication on 8 markets, helping us to secure 130+ publications in two months.

The agency approached the project of communicating our news – a merger of the two leading EduTech companies in CEE that resulted in the formation of one of the biggest powerhouses of digital skills in Europe – in a unique way. First, they prepared one central press release (template) and managed to coordinate the creation of all the local versions. Then, Enterie very well coordinated the distribution of the news in 8 different countries. Finally, they started pitching to journalists with exclusives, proposing interviews, articles and thought-leadership pieces by our C-level executives. The angles of communication were genuinely customized for different kinds of outlets – HR, business, and startup ones. Special kudos to Ranbir, the person in charge of this part of the project, who would motivate us to stay proactive in the sphere of media relations.


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