115M audience in 42 countries for the EU-supported event

Our cooperation was smooth; Enterie’s approach was professional, straightforward and effective. The account managers, Joanna and Michal, have an exquisite feel for interacting with customers; they always provide the necessary amount of info and several options for the next steps. The team knew exactly when and how to push me when I was due with something. They always shared their feedback but proceeded as per my decision. 

With their help, we potentially reached 115 million users. The campaign focused on Poland, where our Grand Final took place in 2022, but the news was distributed in 42 countries. Coordinating this campaign was a huge task, and I could not spot any mistakes they made regarding the delivery. Profeina, the Polish branch of Enterie, used its network of partner agencies, to spread the news in other countries, ranging from the Balkans to the Baltics, from Southern Europe to CEE. Their effort resulted in 160+ mentions in print and online newspapers, including Forbes Spain, a Polish business daily, and Yahoo Finance. 

Joanna and Michal will remain on my contact list for a long-long time.

Read the case study from the project.


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