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Carrot Communications is a PR agency for fast-growth tech businesses. Whether you’re just entering the UK market, getting started in a new sector, or launching a completely new product or service, we’ll help your business be heard.

At Carrot Communications, we have a history of working with fast-growth tech companies. We know the strategies and tactics tech startups need for each phase of their growth.

Our specialists work with your team to create strategy and content that resonates with your market. We’ll help you find your story and develop your messaging to make what you do – and, crucially, why you do it – clear to your audience.

We dig into your businesses to find interesting angles, facts and data that journalists will be interested in. We work with your team to create articles, guides and blog posts that engage people and inspires action.

We will help you identify the issues you may face along the way, and advise you on the best strategy to manage those issues.

Innovation is the foundation of your company, just as creativity and communication lies at the heart of ours. We’d love to chat with you over coffee about how our teams can work together to share your story and inspire action in your audience.

Why launch your business in UK?

The UK market is on the shortlist of most tech startups and technology companies, who think seriously about international expansion. Being one of the strongest economies in the world, as well as a lucrative consumer and business market, the UK is perceived as a gateway to a broader English speaking markets, especially the US, but also Canada, Australia and India.

Despite Brexit and potential changes it may cause, London remains one of the world’s financial centres. The demand for creativity, innovation and disruption in the UK continues to attract fintech, insuretech, martech, edutech and other techstartups, from around the world.

PR in UK

There is a thriving startup tech scene in the UK. Those who can create a great story – a strong product, interesting back story and a clear market – can become visible. To achieve that, ideally you have to have either UK funding, or UK customers.

When you are a foreign company, communicate your driver for launching in the UK. Is there an interesting market opportunity, for example, or are you seeking investment here? Demonstrating that you understand the UK market is critical.

It is important to have someone on the ground in the UK who can talk to media, investors or analysts – not just about your product, but about what you stand for, what you believe in, and the market in which you operate.

PR should be about more than just media coverage. Your strategy might include direct communications, or events and networking, for example. Media coverage might be one element of a bigger campaign. The important thing is knowing what you want to achieve.

Looking for tech PR support in London, UK? Don’t forget to contact us for a free creative session over coffee.