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Four PR

Tech PR agency in Sweden

Four PR is a privately owned PR agency established by Martin Ruist and Fredrik Stengarn in Örebro in 2010. Today, Four PR has two offices in Sweden – in Örebro and Stockholm – and seven PR and marketing consultants on board. The agency has served dozens of clients, from Sweden and from many other European countries. As other Enterie Partners, Four PR has strong communications capabilities in such sectors as tech and digital economy, offering PR and marketing services for tech startups and larger, already well-established businesses. Its tech PR experience covers work for such clients as Azar app, Briljant Financial Systems, Comprima Software, Fairyscope, K3 Nordic, Kontract, Nethouse, Sentag, Surgical Science and Sympa.

Four PR focuses on four communications specializations: branding, internal communications, external relations and PR training. Its consultants help clients plan and execute their marketing strategies, sell products and services, but also build their brands as employers. They will help you develop and deploy PR plans, reach media effectively or improve your media relations skills. They will also help your brand manage sensitive issues, prevent crises or effectively manage them, if necessary.

Closely cooperating with Enterie Denmark and other Scandinavian partners, Four PR is a communications gate to Nordics.

Why launch your business in Sweden?

Sweden, hand in hand with Finland, Denmark and Netherlands, is one of the most digitalized societies  and the strongest digital economies in European Union. Sweden ranked 3rd in Digital Economy and Society Index in 2017, a comprehensive survey run by European Commission. As stated in DESI report, “Sweden is among the best performing countries worldwide and its main challenge is to continuously improve its already high levels of digitisation.” Absorption of new technologies, both by business and by private end-users, is significantly high, which makes Sweden a great market for all kinds of tech producers and providers. Statistics speak for itself. 99% of Swedish households have broadband access to the internet, almost all Swedes – 91% – are online. Having broad online skills, 80% of Swedes shop online, and 89% (!) use internet for banking.

Advancement in digitalisation of the economy correlates with its great condition. Sweden, having almost 10 million population, generates GDP of $517 billion. This corresponds with a significant purchasing power of Swedish consumers, largely spending their money online.

Business in Sweden does not lag behind, ranking 4th place in EU in integration of digital technologies. Dynamic absorption of technology creates a great opportunity for all kinds of B2B providers.

PR in Sweden

As a foreign company you need to find how your product is gaining Swedes in their everyday life. Swedes love to adopt to new apps or technologies but that also means Swedes get flooded with them and they only start using your app if they can clearly see the benefit of it.

Swedish journalists work in different ways than their European colleagues, not relying as much on news wires installed in the editorial office and expecting much shorter press releases.

Also the lack of clear hierarchy put special demands on communicating with Swedish partners or customers.

In Sweden PR agencies are not very used to working with clients with no Swedish representation. Four PR is one of a very few agencies that actually specializes in working with companies from abroad.

As for payments and arrangements, the most common is a hourly based project fee. The minimum project budget for a startup company will be around 3000 Euro.