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Tech PR agency in Poland

Profeina is based in Warsaw, Poland, tech PR agency, established by a former journalist, Magda Górak in 2011. Today the agency has ten PR and marketing specialists on board, with background both in journalism and  in communications.

If you are a tech startup or a well-established technology firm, if you work fast and grow fast, if you are thinking seriously about scaling up in Central and Eastern Europe – Profeina will be a perfect guide to the region.

From its very beginning Profeina specializes in new tech, digital economy and online rooted companies and business models. No matter where your technology is deployed – in advertising, finance, education, commerce, entertainment – Profeina has the right skills and experience to deliver your message to your audience.

We have helped dozens of tech companies to gain recognition on Polish market, develop right strategy and messaging, to sale products and services, to build employers’ brands and engage  developers community.

We use a mix of PR and marketing techniques to achieve your goals. From traditional media relations, through social media and influencers relations, to paid advertisements and own SEO-friendly content development .

We also know how to work with fast growing, disruptive, tech organisations. We know tech, we think tech, we use tech.

Why launch your business in Poland?

Polish economy has made a tremendous progress since democratic changes in nineties, Today Poland is an attractive direction of scaling up for innovative tech businesses. And there is several good reason for it.

A general good condition of economy, together with its relatively dynamic growth, brings the perspective of business opportunities and growing profits.

The population of almost 38 m. people creates an attractive consumer market for b2c providers of products and services.

The society is young, well educated and very open for new technologies and online services. 78% of Poles use smartphones, 65% buy digital content and services in internet, 55% shop online. Polish eCommarce regularly grows with a dynamic of + 20% year to year.

Some economy sectors, such as insurance, banking and payments, are digitalized far more in Poland then in other European countries.

Thanks to a large supply of highly trained web developers, software and hardware engineers,  Poland becomes an attractive location for ICT services and R&D centres.

PR in Poland

A tip number one: don’t underestimate the market and the audience. In general, Poles tend to be a bit oversensitive about treating them equally and with respect. So even if Poland is not your strategic tier 1 market – at least do not show it, and adjust your communications accordingly.

Traditional media, as in most European countries, are in crisis. Circulation of printed media is systematically dropping down, and online media are still looking for a good, sustainable financial model. No wonder that PR professionals and marketers more and more are turning to paid and own media.

However – professional earned media shell not be ignored. A good piece of coverage signed by professional journalists and published in a respected magazine or service cannot be replaced with adds or paid content. Especially when you are new on the market and need to build trust for your brand.

That is why in Profeina we do both – a traditional media relations and own content development.