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Tech PR agency in Netherlands

MCS PR is a PR agency with a history of over two decades of serving top technology clients, and is the most experience tech PR agency in the Netherlands. Devoted to keep the pace with constantly changing technology industry, MCS PR is proud to work with big global brands, such as Microsoft, Cisco or Intel, as well as with leaders of digital economy and tech startups.

The agency combines a strategic, senior advisory with agility of performance, a deep industry expertise with a fresh look to constantly changing market, and proficiency in traditional media relations with practical knowledge of digital media landscape, tools and communication tactics.

MCS PR provides 360 degrees communications services, including press office management, expert and CEO positioning, reputation establishing and management. The agency also help with content strategy development, storytelling, web development, social media presence, content development and SEO.

Having a large experience in rolling out international projects, programmes and campaigns, as well as rich contacts and partnerships in other Benelux markets, MCS PR can also help you with communication in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Why launch your business in Netherlands?

The Netherlands is one of the most digitally advanced countries in Europe. According to the EU’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2018 ranking, The Netherlands currently ranks 4th out of the 28 member states. The country progresses at  a faster pace  than  the  EU  average, outperforming  the other Member States in  all five  DESI  dimensions (Connectivity, Human Capital, Use of Internet Services, Integration of Digital technology and Digital Public Services). The Netherlands continues to be the European leader in connectivity with a high-quality, ubiquitous digital infrastructure. These advanced digital networks boost the growth of the Dutch digital economy and society, support a highly advanced business, education and science environment and attract international investments. Almost all Dutch individuals make extensive use of internet services, especially for banking and shopping. The country is also a beehive of start-up activity, with several start-up hubs that have given rise to many well-known brands, including Adyen or WeTransfer.

PR in the Netherlands

Dutch people have a strong preference for direct, no-nonsense communications. They want to know how your solutions, services or products will influence their business or daily lives, how will it solve problems and help to overcome challenges. Therefor keep media communications direct, clear from marketing/sales content, jargon and superlatives.

The Dutch media landscape has a number of very good and well-read publications that focus on technology. The number of channel media is limited and all channel media will only cover businesses with which they have a commercial partnership in place.

Ensure you have a local spokesperson who speaks Dutch and knows the Dutch market. The Dutch are known for their ability to understand and speak English, but when dealing with the media, you need a local spokesperson.

The PR market is very mature and diverse in the Netherlands, with many general gencies as well as a number of specialized agencies, focusing on a specific markets.