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Doppia Elica

Tech PR agency in Italy

Doppia Elica is a PR agency started in year 2009 in Milan, Italy. Its name (en – ‘double helix’) refers to DNA structure. And the core of Doppia Elica DNA is technology. The agency was founded by its current owner and CEO, Alessandra Colao, an experienced PR professional and manager.

Today tech PR agency started by Alessandra provides communications services for different tech and digital businesses of all kind and size. Our portfolio includes companies from IT, AI, marketing, media, eCommerce,  tech transportation, fintech, fashion and other sectors of economy, which use technology as a core of its business models and market leverages. We have experience in working for such well-established and world known brands as Waze, but also for tech startups and fast growing businesses who look for growth and expansion.

Being a tech PR agency requires digital means of communications. We go beyond traditional media relations and offer our clients a broad range of digital marketing services, such as graphic creation and web and content development, online advertising, Social Media presence, email marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

However, we do not forget, that behind every, even most sophisticated technology, there are people, ideas and relations. Therefore we also offer our clients media and spokesperson trainings, workshops and events. We support their internal communications and team building projects.

Why launch your business in Italy?

Comparing to other European countries, especially Nordics, Italy can be perceived as rather ‘analog’ market. A common associations are machinery, car industry, fashion and luxury goods. Also tourism, food and agriculture. But do not be misled by this images.

Italy one of the most attractive country for trade and market expansion, also for tech companies, digital providers and tech startups.

Being a member of G7, Italy has a third strongest economy in Europe. A need of a technology up-grade, in many traditional Italian economy sectors, opens a wide gate for b2b technology providers who can serve this huge and lucrative Italian cake.

Italian consumer market, with a population of over 61 m. people, with a high purchase power, also attracts companies with a b2c offer. Italian eCommerce is constantly growing, in fact, it is one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets in Western Europe. In 2017 it was worth over 24 bln Euro.

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