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Tech PR agency in France

Com’I/O is a PR & Leadership Agency, dedicated to B2B and B2C startups, disruptive and innovative companies, based in Paris, France. Founded in 2014, after 12 years of experience in international public relations agencies by Anthony Courtat.

We are a purely tech PR agency. We have experience of working for a wide range of technology clients, including startups. From fintech, legaltech, socialtech and martech, to mobile applications, eCommerce solutions, digital consultancy and corporate software solutions.

We are a next generation tech PR agency commited to engage your brand in the new way to do PR: More personalized, digitalized, interactive & multichannel.

Our approach is not communication, but communications: PR, digital, content marketing, influence, corporate/product integrated coms. We deploy a wide range of cross, integrated communications tactics to reach our clients goals.

We advise, consult and develop plans for digital transformation. We promote products and services. We position your experts and  build personal brand of your leadership. We tell your company’s story and protect its reputation.

We mix media relations, content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO tactics, bloggers and influencers relations, social media engagement and community relations.

Why launch your business in France?

According to the European Digital Progress Report, France holds a middle position in digitalisation ranking, remaining less digitalised than Nordic countries. However, with a population of almost 67 million people and GDP of $2,584,305 million (5th world rank), France remain an attractive market for all companies with ambitions to go global, also because its political, business and cultural influence in the world. French language is used by over 77 million native speakers and another 100 million secondary speakers. This creates a large market for businesses offering online services in French.

PR in France

For foreign companies French market may appear a bit hermetic, because of culture and language. Not many countries are like France, where people insist on using word “ordinateur” instead more international “computer”. Considering French affection to their national language, a solid localization of communication is essential to succeed. But not only. PR in France should rather stand for personal relations, as the personal factor is crucial. That is why a support of a local PR agency is more important in France than anywhere else in Europe.

When launching your business in France first you have to gain trust, meet the media, explain your product or service to them, introduce yourself and the company. Everything will go smoother then.

Media landscape in France is very broad and very diverse. Surprisingly, there are not so many tech specialized journalists, so they are all very busy. When you want to build relations with the media – do it in Paris, because French media landscape is completely centralized.

Looking for tech PR support in France? Make sure to put Com’I/O on the top of your shortlist.