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Kemp & Kjaer

Tech PR agency in Denmark

Kemp & Kjær, a PR agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark, specializes strictly in   innovative tech business communications. We help startups take their first steps in the media as well as grown digital businesses to leverage their PR, marketing and public affairs efforts. We reach clients, employees and other stakeholders, including administration and politicians in Denmark.

Our company has wide experience serving fast growing companies and also collaborates with numerous organisations serving the Copenhagen startup scene.

As the digital economy grows in a fast changing technological and legal environment, we also provide public affairs and stakeholders engagement services.

Kemp & Kjær’s core team focus on PR activities: building media and stakeholder relations and getting press coverage. Our agency also manages complex communications campaigns, including media relations, own content development, video production or Social Media campaigns.

Our core values include transparency and dedication: our clients know what’s going on in their campaign, and they perceiveus as a part of their team. Thanks to our broad connections and a strong partnership with Swedish PR agency, FourPR, we can also reach out for you to other Nordic countries and markets.

Why launch your business in Denmark?

With a population of 5,7 m. people Denmark might not be the largest market in Europe. However, the strength of Danish market is not in quantity, but in its quality. Danish Index of Economic Freedom is one of the highest in European Union, so is the GDP per capita.

Alongside with other Nordic countries – Finland and Sweden – Denmark leads in Europe when looking at digitalisation of society and business. In fact, Denmark has the highest Digital Economy and Society Index from all EU members. It leads in connectivity, human capital, integration of technology, use of internet and digital public services.

Digital advancement, absorption of technology,  together with the easiness of starting and making business, make Denmark a great place for tech startups and digital businesses to rise and grow. A relatively small size of the market fosters integration with the EU and the world economy. Danish businesses seek clients abroad, and at the same time are very open for foreign providers. Broad knowledge of English language demonstrated by Danish citizens makes this international exchange even easier.

PR in Denmark

When it comes to image, reputation and relations, culture factor in Denmark is absolutely crucial. It is a culture of trust, honesty and diplomacy. Danish people put negotiations and consensus over force and arrogance, modesty over bragging and a sense of humor (often ironic) over empty marketing phraseology.  Not respecting these rules can cost you a lot trouble and money.

Even though Danish people are mostly highly educated and have a really good command of English, localization of your communication is absolutely necessary. It is important when reaching out to your clients directly, but also when pitching journalists. Competition for media attention is as high as everywhere else, so making it more difficult to journalists by using English doesn’t make much sense.

Tech startups used to gain more interest than other, traditional businesses. The novelty factor was doing the job. These days are unfortunately over and winning good coverage demands significant effort from a company and their PR agency. That is why the importance of a good story, localization and right relations is systematically increasing.

Media trends in Denmark are similar to other European countries. Circulations of newspapers are declining in favor of online media, own content plays a bigger role, and social media are dominated by the big international platforms. However, the core of Danish national media in this centralized and homogeneous country are doing very well.