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Tech PR agency in Germany

The agency, founded and run by Christoph Hausel and Martina Hausel, is based in Munich. While Christoph is an experienced communications professional, Martina is Creative Director specialized in remarkable brand building. Through this integration of PR and brand design, the agency offers the ideal services to successfully anchor companies on the market. The range of services extends from strategy consulting, crisis communication and content creation to development of corporate designs, web design and other graphic services.

Since 2002, international companies and startups rely on a highly motivated team of experts to make them strong brands. A broad portfolio of clients include companies from such branches as internet based services, e-commerce, online marketing, publishing and new media. Element C also offers services in Austria.

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Why launch your business in Germany?

The German market is the largest and the richest in European Union. In year 2018, 83 million German citizens (and consumers) have generated product and services worth over 4 049 billion USD. No wonder that it attracts almost every entrepreneur who wants to scale up globally. Additionally, especially in case of online services and commerce, once you lend in Germany, it is relatively easy to expend  in DACH region, to Austria and partly to Switzerland.

German economy is modern and globalized, always looking for technological innovation. The environment for doing business is predictable and inviting. However – it all makes German market very competitive. For those who will make it here – the award is great.

PR in Germany

First thing you need to remember when planning operations and communications in Germany is the state structure. After hundreds of years of independence, German dukes were united in the second half of the nineteenth century, and this history still has its repercussions today.  Modern Germany is a federation of region (lands), which are strong economies themselves, with a business and administration centres in respective cities, such as Berline, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg or Hanover.

Those cities also developed their own business and media environment, with own regional TV broadcasters and newspapers, commerce and industry chambers, business events and platforms. When starting communications in Germany, expect to travel or at least teleconference a lot.

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