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They keep their fingers on the pulse of technology. They test products and services, observe the market and comment on current developments. They publish mostly online, but are also often present in traditional media. Their opinions are carefully read by hundreds of thousands of regular consumers, as well as by CEOs of the biggest tech companies.  Who are the most influential people in tech industry in Europe? Check out a subjective list prepared by communications experts from Enterie, an international PR network.

Salvatore Aranzulla

When you are looking for tech related advice in Italian internet, starting your search with “how to…” most probably your search engine will return link in the top of results, where you will find an easy but precise instruction on solving your problem.  Salvatore Aranzulla, the founder and owner of this page, is the youngest, and the most successful tech influencer, as well as respected SEO and marketing expert. His website has around 15 million visitors each month. He has also collaborated with other media, such as a national daily Il Messaggero and previously – with a popular portal called

Eduardo Arcos

Eduardo Arcos is a founder and a Director at, and one of the biggest Spanish networks of blogs related to technology and its niches, such as music, cinema, science or autobiles. Hypertextual goes beyond tech itself, exploring its influence on different aspects of culture and society. Eduardo, having over 150K followers on twitter and his own podcast channel, is an important spectator and commentator of digital culture.

Sylwia Czubkowska 

A Polish journalist specializing in technology and innovation, covering stories about technology itself, tech industry, regulations and all related issues. Currently writes for the biggest Polish daily – Gazeta Wyborcza. She has been also working for numerous prestigious Polish media, dailies and opinion weeklies. she is also a member of a female DIY collective, and an editor of its blog –

Olivier Ezratty

Olivier Ezratty is a French business consultant with quite an experience in tech corporate world, including the role of CMO at Microsoft France. He advises top French and international companies on innovation strategies and helps investment funds working in technology and business due-diligence. A university lecturer, conference speaker and blogger at his own blog, Opinions Libres. An author of annual reports about CES and a comprehensive “Startup Guide”.

Elin Häggberg

Elin Hägglund is a Swedish journalist, lecturer, media scientist, tech-geek and digital designer. She is the owner of Teknifik, a blog reporting about technology and the internet, which aims to make our digital life easier and more fun. In the blog you can read about social media, digital design reflections on the digital society, tests, technology news, podcasts, etc. You can also follow her on the Instagram

Angel Jiménez de Luís 

Angel Jiménez de Luís is a tech editor in chief of El Mundo, the second largest national daily in Spain newspaper, and a New York correspondent. He is read and followed by tech enthusiasts, geeks, but also a great volume of general audience. He covers trends, news, new products and gadgets.

Carsten Knobloch

“A blogger, North Dortmunder, forever a clown” – as he introduces himself on his twitter profile, followed by 25K followers. He explains and introduces technology to a broad German – speaking audience, writing about software, hardware, mobile and smart home solutions. His blog Caschys is the place where hundreds thousands of consumers look for reviews and opinions on consumer electronics, the newest gadgets and apps.

Michael Kroker

Michael Kroker is a German journalist of an influential business weekly Wirtschafts Woche, and an author of his own blog, Kroker’sLook@IT, where he provides a more up to date news and opinions about IT and internet industry. Michael focuses more on business, trends, market and application of technologies than on gadgets and consumer electronics.

Toke Kruse

Serial entrepreneur who has founded 10 companies in Denmark and the US, best known for the accounting software Billy. Kruse is both known inside and outside the startup community as he has written a number of books on running companies and is a common voice in the debate, writing opinion pieces for the Danish business media house Børsen.

Artur Kurasiński 

One of the most active initiators and facilitators of the Polish tech startup stage. For over a decade his blog (previously: AK47) is a must read for everyone in Polish tech industry. Artur is also a founder of Aula Polska – a series of most recognizable tech meetups for startups and scaleups. He is an often guest speaker at various tech related meetings and conferences. He focuses on startups and innovations.

Emmanuelle Leneuf

Emmanuelle Leneuf is a French journalist who has revealed herself to the world over 4 years ago as FlashTweet. Her daily digest of approximately 10 most interesting news from the world of technology and innovation is published exclusively on social networks, twitter and LinkedIn. She covers a wide range of tech related topics, from big tech to startups, from consumer gadgets to big data, automation, AI, VR and IoT.

Marco Montemagno

Marco Montemagno is a digital entrepreneur & broadcaster, Founder of Slashers, 4books and  The Update, who gathers a 2-million-follower strong social media community present on FB, tt, IG, LI and YT. Marco has created and hosted a Reporter Diffuso, Italy’s most popular television program about the internet, broadcast on Sky News and Sky TG24. For seven years, every Saturday morning, million of viewers were watching his interviews with tech leaders and innovators, including such tech celebrities as Steve Ballmer and Jeff Bezos, as well as Al Gore, Nicholas Negroponte and many others. Marco is a founder and organizer of Social Media Week Italy (over 500 events, 500 speakers and 80 000 visitors in 3 editions) and an event called Startup Train (1000 startuppers on a high speed train!). He was also a founder and a CEO of of Blogosfere, one of the largest and most influential blog networks in Italy.

Javier Sanz

Javier Sanz, CEO and founder ADSLZone, a comprehensive news service about the internet and mobile world, one of the most popular tech blogs in Spanish language. Except news about new hardware and software, it covers such topic as innovations and emerging technologies, such as blockchain and crypto.Starting his business in a relatively young age, 35 years old Javier Sanz manages a group of 13 websites, reaching millions of geeks and tech enthusiasts. Javier is also a frequent contributor to a national daily Cinco dias and a guest expert at TecnoXplora TV channel

Katarzyna Szymielewicz

A lawyer and activist, not necessarily tech geek or nerd. A co-founder and a President of Panoptykon, a Polish NGO which mission is to protect fundamental rights and freedoms in the context of fast-changing technologies and growing surveillance. For over a decade Panoptykon is challenging public administration and private companies, including such giants as Facebook, recently sued for “private censorship”. Recognized by media, regularly comments current tech-related developments and issues.

Frank Thelen

Frank Thelen is a German entrepreneur, founder and a CEO of a VC Freigeist Capital. Actively involved in startup community, he is also a member of German Innovation Council, a cross sector advisory board to help Germany become a leader of the global digital economy. He is a frequent media commentator on technology and digitization issues, speaker and an author of his own blog at Medium.

Ishtar Touailat

Ishtar Touailat is a Swedish entrepreneur on the mission. She is a gamechanger in business who has worked hard to “pay it forward”. She was awarded Sweden’s most ‘Powerful Business Women 2018’, ‘Future Female Leader 2018’, ‘Sweden’s Super Talent and Top influencer 2017’ by the business magazine ‘Veckans Affärer’, ‘IT Woman of the Year 2016’ and ‘Sweden’s Top Innovation Talent 2015’. Ishtar believes that we need to have an equal amount of men and women in leading positions, working together to create better value, more innovation and working towards making nations more competitive in the global market.  She is passionate about women’s empowerment and her latest success ‘Futuristas’ is to educate women in technology and IT. You can follow her on the Instagram

Tine Thygesen

She is a Danish entrepreneur, a board member of numerous startup related initiatives and writes about entrepreneurship, leadership and the future of work for several newspapers. Thygesen is Group CEO at The Creators Community, a leading innovation community and hub in the Nordics, creating coworking spaces for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Christiane Vejlø

A Danish digital influencer hosting the popular radio program, Elektronista, airing on the radio station 24syv, and a media company under the same brand and name. Vejlø is viewed as a digital trend expert. She is associated with topics such as technological trends, digital behavior, social media, digital platforms and consumer tech. Her Twitter following reaches 55.5 K.

Asa Wallenrud

Åsa Wallenrud is another Swedish female tech blogger, owner of Wallenrud, one of Sweden’s oldest technology blogs. She is a true gadget-expert, focusing on consumer electronics. After many years as an expert at Nyhetsmorgon (a television morning program) she has also worked as a lecturer, moderator, writer, blogger, presenter, jury member and much more. She also loves cars, motorsports and gadgets in general. @AsaWallenrud

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