Entering new markets: PR focus on the Netherlands

How to successfully communicate your brand when scaling up in a new country? Enterie PR experts share their hints from their home markets. Today: focus on the Netherlands by Perlita Fränkel from MCS PR


The Netherlands is one of the European leaders of digitalization, both of society and the economy. Therefore it is interesting as a direction of international expansion for those companies who sell products and services to end-users, as they will find a population of over 18 m. people with a relatively high technology adoption. Also, b2b companies will be satisfied with a reach market of competitive industries and businesses looking for digital solutions to improve its performance. Considering Amsterdam as an important trade and finance centre, and a long history of trade exchange, the Netherlands should be on the map of every expansion strategist, especially within Fintech or eCommerce sectors.

culture factor

Thanks to a trading culture, international connections and close integration with the global economy, the Netherlands are open to foreign companies and doing business with foreign providers. Also, The Dutch are known for their ability to understand and speak English. However, when dealing with the media, you need a local spokesperson – it will save time and effort, and in consequence, will leverage your chance to be covered.

The Dutch are known from the preference for direct, no-nonsense communications. Therefore keep media communications clear from marketing/sales content, jargon and superlatives.

media landscape

The Dutch media landscape has a number of very good and well-read publications that focus on technology. However, the number of channel media is limited and they will only cover businesses with which they have a commercial partnership in place.

At many publications, the editorial staff is small. In consequence, their time is very limited. Journalists prefer to receive content that is to the point, objective, and of journalistic quality. This way, they need to spend as little time a possible to publish content.

what works

Highlight how your company, your solutions, your services differ from the rest. What makes you stand out? Are there any challenges do you solve for your prospective customers? Present your vision and offer a strong opinion on current and future developments. And – very important – think about WHY you do what you are doing.

Make it clear how your company, your products, your services benefit Dutch businesses, what problems/challenges does it solve? Have a clear view and understanding of the Dutch market and of the impact that major technological changes have on Dutch businesses and society as a whole.

There are good opportunities for publishing blogs and opinion pieces, provided the content addresses current developments and business of societal challenges and do not contain product or marketing messages.

social media

100% globalized. The social media landscape in the Netherlands is very active. For B2B, Twitter and especially LinkedIn are the channels of choice. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are the preferred platforms  for B2C

PR services

The PR market is very mature and diverse in the Netherlands, with many general PR agencies as well as a number of specialized agencies, focusing on a specific market, such as technology or fintech. Obviously, a specialized agency is more familiar with the specific requirements, challenges and developments of their market and also has stronger relationships with journalists in that market.


A fixed monthly retainer is the normal contractual form for PR services in the Netherlands. A retainer is the only way for an agency to ensure sustained PR attention and to build up a company’s reputation and profile among the media. A project fee is an option for one-off activities. A practical minimum monthly retainer budget starts at €1.500. It is always the matter of the scope of work

Andrzej Jędrzejczak
Andrzej Jędrzejczak

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