Entering new markets: PR focus on Poland

How to successfully communicate your brand when scaling up in a new country? Enterie PR experts share their hints from their home markets. Today: Focus on Poland by Magda Górak from Profeina

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Polish market is quite big, ca. 38 million people, with a high absorption of high technologies and online services. Probably due to Polish demography. The society is relatively young. 78% of Poles use smartphones, 65% buy digital content and services on the internet, 55% shop online. Our Fintech market is exceptional, as the Polish finance sector is totally digitalized. Also, eCommerce has an impressive dynamic of growth.

culture factor

Don’t underestimate the market and the audience. Self-respect is probably a part of Polish hung-up and issue of still post-communist country of a “second category”. Nevertheless, Poles may be a bit oversensitive about treating them equally and with respect. So even if Poland is not your strategic tier 1 market – at least do not show it.

media landscape

It is broad and constantly goes digital. However, a presence in printed media is still perceived as something desirable. It proves to play in the first business league.

As print is in a crisis, and online media still seek a sustainable business model, the financial aspect of media is an issue. Do not be surprised to see a sales representative at a press conference, chasing for clients.  Even it is against rules, some editor houses can suggest you buy advertisements in exchange for covering your story.

Poland is a centralized country – all institutions, big businesses, advertising industry and media are in Warsaw. However, there are several regional media which might be a good touchpoint, especially with so-called general audience. All together they make quite a circulation.

what works

A recipe for media attention is simple. Take your message, put it in a trending local context, add some reference to a Polish market. Plus a little flattering about its importance. Surveys and numbers always work well as a newsworthy material. Same as comparisons – to foreign markets and between Polish regions or cities.

Although we are a PR agency, more and more often, we advise our clients to focus on direct campaigns. Sometimes it is better to create owned media content instead of reaching for media attention. It depends on what do you want to achieve.

social media

Times, when there were Polish platforms for professional contacts, microblogging or socializing, are over. Now it is big global players who matter.

Linkedin is mostly used as a recruitment tool. In some niches, it can be a good platform for b2b communication and expert positioning.

Facebook is used by a general audience, but also largely explored for b2b communications – especially in marketing, creative and media industry.

Twitter for a change will not give you a huge outreach. But it is broadly used by politicians, journalists and influencers. If you target big business, it can also be helpful.

PR services

There is a lot of PR professionals on the market, working in agencies of all sizes and specializations, as freelancers or in-house managers. It effects with a polarization of services. Some clients simply look for a workforce, when headcount limits capabilities of communication departments. Another direction is a strategic consultancy, a broader perspective, fresh ideas and a senior counsel. Those companies which are new to the market, or didn’t grow their own communications team, look for both – consultancy and execution.


Basic launch activities will cost 8000 – 10 000 Euro. Enough to run a three months activities. As for kinds of arrangements and agreements – it is all a matter of a client’s goal. We adjust tools to client needs. In the new tech industry, especially in the case of fast-growing companies, it usually starts with a project. It usually requires an engagement for 3-6 months. However, if a client wants to establish their presence for good, build their reputation and keep their customer’s attention – a longer engagement is necessary. Retainer fees are usually applied.

Andrzej Jędrzejczak
Andrzej Jędrzejczak

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