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PR agencies for tech startups, fast-growing companies and mature digital businesses

Helping you to enter foreign markets, to launch your products and services

Reaching your audience, telling your story, building your reputation

For brands that want to scale globally

  • Introducing brands to new countries
  • Shaping strategy for local markets
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Explaining your business, products and services
  • Reaching clients and gaining visibility
  • Building relations with media
  • Coordinating activities on multiple markets
  • Preventing crises and manage sensitive issues

Our PR and marketing services cover

  • Mappinng business environment
  • Analyzing industry and competition
  • Developing local messaging and positioning
  • Creating and localising content
  • Pitching stories, press releases, interviews
  • Buying media and generating leads
  • Building your online presence
  • Organizing events
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We have specialized tech PR agencies in Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom

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PR for tech

We are an international network of independent tech PR & marketing agencies for startups and mature businesses. We support innovative, disruptive, fast-growing firms.

We help you to find your way around on local markets, bringing knowledge of a local culture, media landscape and business environment. We help you to gain trust, reach your customers and build relations with your public.

We explain technology to your clients, investors or business partners. We know how tech industry works.  We work in the same way. We are data driven, agile and effective.

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Kemp & Kjær

Kemp & Kjær is a Copenhagen-based PR-agency for innovative businesses. Our core values are transparency and dedication: Our clients know what’s going on in their campaign and they experience us as part of their team.

Kemp & Kjær’s core team focus on getting press coverage and writing content for our clients and project management and we bring in dedicated specialists when skills are needed in other types of communication, e.g. video production or Facebook campaigns.

We have wide experience serving fast growing companies and are located in the “Startup Village” in Copenhagen, boasting one of the highest concentrations of cutting edge startups in Europe.

Internationally we work with multiple cross border clients, both as a local Danish agency for international clients and as the PR hub for European PR campaigns for Danish companies where we collaborate with partner agencies in other countries.

Com’I/OCom’I/O is Public Relations & Leadership Agency, dedicated to B2B and B2C startups, disruptive & innovative companies, based in Paris, France. Founded in 2014, after 12 years of experience in international public relations agencies by Anthny Courtat, Com’I/O:

  • Unifies communication(s),
  • Serves leaders, companies & brands,
  • Operates at the crossroads of opinions, publics and digital.

The Com’I/O agency DNA & commitment:

  • Advice and support the digital tranformation of the brands & leaders
  • Engage companies, brands and its leaders/spokespersons in the new digital and relational communication era
  • Protect, manage & improve their (e)reputation


Profeina is Communication and PR Boutique established in 2011 by Magdalena Górak. Today it’s harmonious and experienced team of a number of specialists.

We offer Public Relations services for small and middle enterprises, which cannot be proud of wide recognition yet. We are specialized in Internet, innovative and e-commerce businesses. We have gained experience in conducting clever and, most of all, effective operations and campaigns.

We have introduced up-and-coming brands on the market, enabling them to come into being in media and helping in starting cooperation with significant industry associations. We help our clients in building up their industry expert position.

We are concerned about communication strategy, which we are elaborating with our client during original workshops. Our methodical approach makes the results so outstanding. We are not afraid of complicated topics!